The Underground Society-WIP

To avoid confusion you also could do it similar to Monsters of New Haven High, which handles the gender question pretty good as far as I can tell.



Okay I’ll edit the gender options. Thank you for reminding me, the Escape idea came later and I forgot to change some of the options.


Just played through that and I agree.


Am I right in understanding they would like less technical names for the genders? Also, does this apply to the sexualities as well?

Thanks everyone, this has been really helpful


I played as a cis character, but the start of Chapter 3 had me choose between “genderfluid and male now” and “genderfluid and female now.” It’s a fun game so far, but you might want to fix that part.

I really like how games are so inclusive, however I think some times it gets carried to extremes. We get hung up on the technical name and language it bogs down the whole story. I am very broad minded but have very few freinds from LBG community that I often have no clue what certain terms mean. If I have to stop to learn a new term, nothing kills a story faster for me. I had no idea what cis was eighter, sorry to say I side step your wip for now as I really do not have the time to look up all these new terms. :slight_smile: I will try later when I have more time.



I have no idea why it’s doing that but I’ll fix it now. Thank you!


Okay I’m editing the terms to be simple (I hope) descriptions.


I think it would make it easier for people. I’m very much for normalizing terms like cis, trans, non-binary, etc, but just putting a lone term without clarification in front of players who may not know them brings problems as we see.

Terms for sexualities are more well known (at least by those that identify by them) and people are always happy to see people trying to include them, while using the correct term. Though if you really want to go down that road you also could add demi- and greysexual…
We honestly have many discussions about this topic on the forum you may want to look at:
Writing asexual and aromantic characters
Writing good characters with marginalized identities
How important is sexuality and gender
What about poc (not about sexuality, but maybe also for your interest)

Also I thought again about your idea to vary the description of characters based on the chosen sexuality and…I’m not really sold. I’m pan for example and I always hear that explanation of some people that pansexuals either are gender-blind or attracted solely on personality, and that’s absolutely not my expirience? And that’s something I also heard from a bunch of other people that are pan. I certainly have a type I prefer, for both personality and physical looks, and it feels weird to say I would not care for gender, for something that the person I can be attracted to may cares very much about. Gender is just no exclusion argument for attraction for me, that’s all. So…uhm if I’m completely honest you saying pansexual would focus more on personality feels…dissonant.



I am currently editing the gender descriptions now. Hopefully that will less confusing. I have kept some the same as I am stuck as to what to edit them to. Although I am definitely up for suggestions.

It’s good you told me about how misinformed some people are as to how Pan people ignore gender in attraction as I was just making that mistake in the sexuality option. Also, thanks for the links to the threads, I will take a look at them now. So would you say that using the technical terms for the sexualities is okay then? If not, (I don’t want to pester you so please don’t feel pressured into this) would you be able to give a more accurate option description for Pansexual? I don’t want to alienate people who don’t fit into the stereotype of each sexuality

Sorry that was so long, your post is very useful :smile:


Okay everyone I’ve edited the Gender options (somewhat) and some of the sexuality options. I know they are not perfect but please say if I’m headed in the right direction.

I also think (hopefully) that i’ve fixed the bug that forced you to become genderfluid in chapter 3.

I will start editing some of the description to not make the MC sound happy about staying before the player themselves chooses.

Tell me what you think! Thank you all so much you have been a great help

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Well, I don’t see much problems with including the technical terms for sexualities. Like I said, most people like to see themselves included and heterosexual is a term that’s much better known as cis is, what was the main problem with the gender choice. It just would be a pretty long list. And some people don’t like labels, that could be a contra point.

Pansexuality means that someone can feel attracted to people of all genders. Not much more. Pan-/Bi- and Polysexual are in many ways overlapping and the reasons why someone prefers the one or the other label varies between people. It’s a personal decision.

This sites clarifies some things about pansexuality and also has some additional links about the topic:



Thank you so much this has been really useful. I will edit my game accordingly. I will read through that link as it seems really useful :smile:


much better on the genders thank you tho I’ll wait to play farther on til you got the Escape options ready the mc was way too happy to be there.


Loved the WIP keep it up. And haven’t the “gifted” term been used in another popular WIP before? Can’t wait to see chapter 4 and love that this is varied in choices with being any sexual and we already have our set power fire and flying we can’t choose our powers can we. Anyway good luck and keep up the great wok :+1:t4:

Oh yea one more thing. Could you put a small description of each sexuality is for people that do not know or don’t have researched the topic or accidently choose one that didn’t suit their play style but in all good WIP just some grammar errors

yeah, I have a little confusion on the sexuality section as well.
and no the fire and flying power set is here to stay, and I have to admit I don’t like it as well but who knows maybe there is a reason for that set.


Thank you! Has it? I may change it then. It would probably make more sense if in a world where these people are hated, the term was more derogatory anyway. Thank you for pointing this out :smile:

And sure, I’ll add the descriptions asap


I am going to add the descriptions for the sexualities asap. Also, I may be adding the options to choose your power set. There will be a small amount of choices (probably 4) however this may be better for everyone.


Since I may be adding the option to choose your power set, I would love it if people can give possible power combinations. I can’t guarantee that these sets will be used however if I get an idea of what people want, then it will probably turn out better for everyone.

Thank you! :smile:


Invisibility coupled with teleportation ? But then the MC would be kind of overpowered, soooo maybe teleporting further than 100 ft could be extremely draining

Nope that would be mirroring another released game, so the drawback needs to be something different.

Since I mentioned the drawback let’s use it for a power set submission:

Electricity (or plasma or whatever electric based power) teleportation can only teleport where the energy goes, so if there are no power lines or sources of electric power this ability can not be used.

Superspeed is always good and fun though :slight_smile:


Something about the presentation makes me think of @Sashira’s WIP set in a Fallout shelter. It’s weird, but I don’t hate it.

One thing I have concerns about is where exactly will this go once we are done meeting everyone? It doesn’t seem to offer a whole lot of flexibility as far as I can tell when it comes to things to do.

@Lamellama and @Pace675

Love the ideas! I’m going to play around with what people say to see how it will fit in the story.

I’ve never read that. I’ll give it a try! :smile:

The meeting with Elva will explain what staying actually comprises of (e.g. you can help around the place maybe teaching children if your nurture skill and intelligence skill are high enough etc.). Afterwards, the player gets the choice of leaving, or staying. This choice will send the MC on two very different paths (neither good or bad just different) . However, if you wanted, you will have opportunities throughout the game to change your decision (i.e. if you choose to leave, depending on how high your relationship is with the people in the Underground, you will be able to go back at certain opportunities).

The first part is quite restrictive but that’s simply so that the player can get an idea of what there is to offer in the Underground. I will probably tweak it later if i feel it is just boring or annoying to go through.

If anyone has any thoughts on this plan, feel free to say so :smile:


I vote for shadow manipulation coupled with a form of phasewalking for a powerset. :wink: