The twelve trials *spoilers* help

Is there any rewards for dinara’s trial? So far I know hadrenes trial does not.

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In the first trial when sailing, I’ve only managed to win once and it was by accident. How does one actually win the first blessing?

There are most probably multiple ways to win the first trial, depending on your stats. For me, I chose charm as my greatest strength in the beginning. Then during the trial, I chose to sail with Embris, coordinated my efforts with Daedala by giving her an opportunity to use her device, then chose to take the lead and rally everyone to prepare for the storms.


I went with cunning, sailing on my own, choosing not to help either ship and ignoring their bickering and figure it out on my own.


I did cunning, sailing with embris, and figuring out a way to stop the tidal wave. Anybody know how to get a reward for dinaras trial?


What I did was chose cunning as my greatest talent and might as my weakest then during the trial I chose to sail alone and persuaded a captain to giving me a ship then I chose to help embris’s ship by coming up with a way to get them out of the whirlpool. Sorry for my awful grammar, then once on Board their ship choose to ignore them and do it yourself


Anybody beat the 4th trial with high charisma and having given away points after the boat race? Or I can’t pass any of the physical tests even w second degree agility or cunning it’s maddening. I can’t win any of the physical games/competitions

I think that’s actually the 4th trial you’re referring to, since the 3rd one was the one about love… But anyway, [spoiler]i passed it with “average” cunning, “above average” skill and charm, and “heroic” might; by doing the art competion (sculture), then marathon and pankration.

i’m pretty sure marathon and pankration require some might to win them, so you should probably try either the bull competition or archery if you have “heroic” skill.

I personally restarted many times just to win all the trials until that point, so i know what you mean! but you should be able to have enough stats if you win all the trials until then… and then it gets much easier as you become basically OP (i think i won all of the trials except for Hadrene’s, but i’m not sure its even possible do it)[/spoiler]


Do we get a reward for all trials?

no problem! :slight_smile:
and i don’t know about a reward for winning all of them, since i couldn’t “win” Hadrene’s… BUT there are consequences to winning the trials (beside the obvious reward), that will heavily affect the ending.

For the first trial, I chose charm and decided to captain my own ship by convincing someone to lend me theirs. Then try to go down the middle path, ignoring the two ships, and then convince everyone to work together.
As far as I could tell, there’s a reward for all of them except the underworld, Dinara, and maybe the sports competition one (I haven’t gotten it yet at least)
Stat wise the best I got was maxed in two stats, heroic in the third, and normal on the last one

Do you know how to pass the other trial? Cause i only pass the first trial and i dont know how to get the others

I only pass the first trial and failed the others. Really need help here

For each of the trials where you have three days to do things, in order to win the trial to have to accomplish something everyday. This translates into passing checks, so play to your strengths

Usually for each trial there are 3 actions you can take. For example, to make the poor village a better place you can choose to fight a giant, convince a river spirit, talk to dryads, fight a kraken, etc. You have to successfully accomplish all of them in order to “win” the trial. It depends on your stats which ones you can finish. Like if you’re strong, do the fighting ones and if you charming, do the talking ones.

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It all depends on your heroic traits. If you chose cunning, in trial 1 you could aboard Embris’ ship and devise plan to save the ship then others.Trial 2, you could help with the nymph, the kraken, then grast and mute. Trial 3,(in both price i chose charm resulting to heroic charm) i helped embris, callia, chose love for mc i couldn’t remember trial 4 :expressionless: but i remember i could win all trials with charm as starting heroic trait.

I absolutely loved the Twelve Trails, it has a great replay value. Ive played it a dozen times now trying to get get different outcomes for the other choosen.
What are all the possible gods have other been able to get?


I’ve ended my first game using cunning and my second game using strength. I did well in those two

But always ended up a failure when i used skill. How do you win trials using skill? The game seems to favor strength the most and probably skill the least.

How do you pass the trials using charm? I do well on the first trial but always stumble on the ones after that. I’ve tried over and over to beat it using charm as my main attribute but I just seem to never choose the right options.

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You talk the tree people into working with the village, tale the river into stop attacking the villagers, and talk to the cyclops about helping the villagers after convincing the other contestant to leave through trickery

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