The Three Eras of Reincarnation WIP (formerly Reincarnated adventure) Hiatus

I’ve begun work on my new game The Three Eras of Reincarnation. In it, you can play as a man or woman. Also you can be one of 5 species from a human to a humanoid slime. Now what’s interesting about this game is that you can choose from 3 different worlds to play.

1:A medieval world ravaged by demon beasts in which you must find out the reason for the increasing swells of demon beasts before calamity strikes. What will you do against an army of demonized beasts backed by the demon tribe to the south.

2:A modern Earth-like world with an entire country full of a demonic race. The threat of war has been looming, but now the demon country has obtained an arsenal of magic destroying bombs! Threatening to wipe magic of the face of the planet, but can you stop it? Will you stop it?

3:And finally a futuristic world with interplanetary travel and demonic energy beings from another dimension threatening to absorb all of the magic energy that powers multiple worlds. Can you stop the energy beings from killing all life in the solar system?

Currently it’s about 15% done. I plan on making it big, and if it gets too big then I will turn it into a series. Now currently the game has a bit of each world to play, and it is of course not finished but it will be.

To play the demo, go here:

I am posting this work in progress to ask for any opinions or suggestions…I mean I’ve only been making this game for a few weeks so don’t expect something amazing. Hopefully entertaining though.

Update news:Little update on the Hiatus. I’m getting settled, my wife has had a minor surgery, I got a wisdom tooth out, and just got another tooth out today…so I’m down two teeth within a month, and my central AC, and fridge went out at the same time. So it’s been a great month lol. All that horrible shit being said, once I’m healed up, and off the pain meds, I will try to get back into rhythm of writing. So…next week or so (if nothing else goes wrong) I should have something out for you guys. Sorry for the wait, and let’s hope I can make the story even better then it already is.

And finally thank you for trying my work.


nice so far

Are all three worlds connected somehow, or are they individually exclusive?

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Exclusive, thought it would be more fun, three games for the price of one

Can we customize our appearance please?
Anyhow, I love this. Can’t wait for update~

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Ok, I’ll get on it! One update with character customization be be along in a few days. Also do you mean choosing predetermined character traits, or a write your own character type thing?:thinking:


I chose the Dampire race, but for some reason I got addressed as an Elf by the little boy🤔
Also nice game so far, really looking forward to more.

Thank you, I will try to fix that part. :grin:

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This is my honest thought, but I think creating 3 worlds would be tons of work. Unless the plotline in each world are fairly short, I’d suggest to focus on one per story. You can have a book 2 or 3 which focus on the different world.


Yeh when I chose the dampire I was called a elf

I’m excited by this wip just because I love the idea of being a slime person XD

P.s. slime choice is also called an elf


Slime People!!!

Short may be better, and it’ll probably end up a 3 part series with all the story I want to do, but I’ll just go with it for now, and if it becomes too long I’ll just do a “to be continued” and start on part 2. But for now the idea of 3 separate world’s in one book is too tantalizing for me.

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The kids always calling you an elf is now fixed. They will say your actual species now. Sorry for the inconvenience @jonnyboy666 @Harley_Robin_Evans @JamzIsMe and everybody else. :grin:


Welcome to the community. I recommend adding something to the description as to what this game/story is about. Also, the description of each world reads far too similarly, as all have magic and demons in the short description.

Okay, a good start so far.

But it seems a trifle weird that the game tells us “Never ever ever give out your true name” and then no choice but to blurt it out to the Nephilim kid.

I think under the circumstances I’d go with another option, like “Fred. Yes, don’t mind me, I’m just an everyday slime named Fred. I’m not a bad slime you know.”


Aye aye @kckolbe and @stsword! Suggestions will now be implemented. @kckolbe please wait for a moment, and @stsword your suggestion will be available in a few days.:smiley:

This game seems like it could be Fantastic.

(Don’t take offence to above I think of things like this because ‘it’s an unfinished product or story’ so I’ll switch it to)

This is a great Demo. It already fantastic in itself that you chose to present it to the world!

At any rate mind if I throw in some questions? Or possible ideas?

1: what will the direction of Magic take in this game? Will there be classes of magic? What will they be?

I can already see traditional elemental magic involved. But how will the use of magic be executed in this world?

Will it be rare? How much can you relie on Magic? E.G make food, salt, water. Or will magic users be purely focused on Manipulation? Or have Manifestation as well?

What potential specialisations be in this world? Can you warp your own character? Change him from the original base race to become something else? Say a Demon or experimenting on oneself to become a lich or monster.

Or as a race have bloodline traits Blood Manifestation or increased Body enhancement potential? etc

What about character and Moral choices how will they be portrayed. Can you choose to become a Villain? A wandering adventurer? A Hero? A Lone Ruthless Bandit?

How Evil can you become? How good can you become can we tread grey lines? Can we be an incredibly stoic warrior bound to a moral code?

Ah grey lines… say the choice between saving your own legion of loyal soldiers from a dragons attack or a nearby village full of innocent women and children.

Sorry I’m just rather interested as to how this is gonna turn out specially since it’s so fresh!

Though I might have asked some unnecessary questions. :sweat_smile:

I have a piece of advice for you, see tsue swiftspear is a child in the woods whom you just met and one has just lost her family. Maybe don’t make her seem totally calm and informal?

Three worlds in one? That sounds like a writing nightmare, like that’s triple the work.

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