The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

That’s assuming the war is going to be an offensive which quite frankly would be suicide lol, there is already an rebelion rising in Rhivenia so sending anyone to attack could cause said rebelion to grow bigger, there is already some unrest in the capital before the war had it’s first battle

Besides even if she has any knowledge I dodn’t think it would be actually useful since Erwan already left and went for the offensive and he is just bidding his time, the closest thing that she may know that would be useful are things relating to the Army but outside of that she is not worth the trouble

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It means you know the enemy supply lines. It means you know the enemy’s chain of command. It means you know the enemy’s exact numbers. It ALSO means a considerable hit to enemy morale.


I mean that’s what I mean with “useful things relating to the Army” lol, minus supply lines I forgot about that butI don’t think there will be any strategy stuff from the logistical point of view

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If she betray us again , enemy will know about our army the same.but If she doesn’t, I see that she is more adventage in our army. Hard decision for me and very risk. she is unstable and confusion after poision accident .I think that Erwan can easy to manipulate her to come back to his side again.

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I think it’s possible that Astryn is meant to be a romance route for players who want to betray Rhivenia and side with Erwan. I don’t really see the benefit to keeping her alive for pragmatic reasons, not when she’s proven herself to be a danger to the kingdom and may betray you again in the future. We don’t know how loyal she is to Erwan.


Why Mc not quite sucesse in lying other (็How much liar stat to sucess) ? how to gain liar stat ?

She’s definitely geared towards players who want to go that route without any tension from their significant other(s).

I will say however, based on her dialogue when you’ve got a really “great” (as far as it can be) relationship with her, I think she’s going to become one of those characters who is fiercely loyal if she’s in love with you and her non-betray Rhivenia route will involve her ultimately siding with you over Erwan depending on how much good your relationship with her is.

Because I feel like narratively it makes the most sense given how she literally cannot bring herself to kill you at the end of book 1 and states her loyalty to you despite knowing full well we’re going to war with her bff and will most likely kill him. As cool as it would be to have a character who kept trying to betray you still betray you in the end (personal feelings aside), I can’t actually see it going that route unless prompted. Though who really knows. Especially if some of the ROs will definitely not be with you on Erwan’s side (such as Clara who lost her father because of Astryn).

I agree with a fair amount of what you said, but she still does genuinely fall for you at the end and confesses her love regardless of her wariness towards you. Which to me is still quick because what has the player really done to receive that? they’ve interacted with her less than Jarean (who I agree is still fast). We’ve listened to her vent and been nice to her and that’s really it. I think all of them besides Astryn (and maaaybe Clara?) fall for MC too quick tbh, even Daemir despite not actually confessing to them it’s just that people don’t notice it because he’s not open with his feelings for brain vs heart reasons regarding leading his people and not wanting anything interfering with that. It’s kind of the point I’m making with the reader just having to suspend disbelief due to the time period and how relationships worked back then.

Jarean’s affection IS quite sudden, but it makes sense for back then that someone would fall for someone who went out of their way to defend them, show compassion for the downtrodden despite their position (the thieving children) and help them out in a dire situation where their mother most likely won’t survive without your help. Keep in mind he’s had a very rough life (implied to also have been a pirate) and his family consists of both the ill (mother) and a representation of the poverty of the kingdom (his friend/sister who steals by choice now, but obviously ended up in that situation due to lack of food and money). Like all of the romances are quite fast paced, but some of them do make sense given their characters and perspective on things. It would be nice though if we could have had it paced a bit better.


I agree with you, she is one of those characters who are loyal to the end. But then it feels weird that her loyalty towards erwan ended so quickly just because mc was kind to her. Or maybe she will be loyal but not in the sense that she will spill everything to us. I feel she will try to make us sympathize with Erwan’s cause.

And I agree with you on romances, it began and ended with character having crushes and then declaring their loyalty and love in the span of 4 or 5 interactions. Except maybe clara cause you get the forest scene with her and she has known you since childhood.


I mean tbf we can be “Childhood Friends” with her and she is the RO that we “know” for the longest time, and they definitely spend time with eachother in the time skips (along with maybe Xavier?) so arguably she is the only one with an actual good pacing along with Daemir lol, the others we at most probrably just sent some letters to keep contact

Yeah true, we did kinda gave him a good paying job and saved his mother along with being possibly a person that can help the commonfolk to make sure they don’t suffer like Jeraan did

I think the main problem is that there is too many time skips, which end up making it look like that we only interacted them like every 3 years and we also didn’t really have any chance to spend time with the Ro’s outside of Clara and Xavier


To be honest she regrets it when her poison affects everyone in the kingdom so she is not completely ruthless just like her friend. Sending her head will affect him deeply and could change how he acts. I had her locked up and he was so angry and desperate to get her back

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Definitely, that’s how I’ve always perceived it.

I think the issue is that Nutella wanted Book 1 to be an introduction to everyone and everything before Book 2 (which is when the actual story kicks off), but due to the large number of people in the cast and things to accomplish and establish within the world, it resulted in a lot of timeskips and things moving at a fast pace. Characters like Clara, Xavier, Jarean have more interactions with us than we actually get to see, and when Daemir and Revna come back we don’t have much time with them as that’s when the ruler is decided and drama ensues.

I honestly think if it was made 15 chapters instead of 11 or if the existing ones were expanded upon then it would greatly benefit the story and characters more.

Because we could have interactions that involve us doing stuff with our siblings and establishing parts of the culture of the kingdoms more (maybe watching tournaments, etc like Matteo used to partake in), interacting more with the ROs (having options to send letters to Daemir/Revna and getting word back later), etc. Just little touches to show the reader that there IS stuff like that going on even if we don’t personally see it all the time.

Because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with how they are in the game, I enjoy the interactions and relationships very much. I just think it’s easy to think that all we’ve seen is all that’s happened because there’s nothing that implies otherwise outside of assumption.


Does the MC will get along with Lena if MC have monogamous Relationship With her ?
I mean I don’t want MC to always Butthurt about the political marriage, and maybe in the future MC can have a good loving family with Lena.

Btw Does the sword acknowledge the little girl adoption ? I mean it is not blood related to MC, but does it still count as King Child ???


Make your Enemies Agitated and angry so his moves is more easily predicted


Lena okay to share. Don’t worry :laughing: :laughing: sword will acknowlage adopted child as heir (MC female confirm it if you perpose Lena insteal Xavier )

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What about Male MC, does adopted child count too ?

Can MC make Favorite Treatment to Biological Child instead Adopted, Like Teach them First Hand, and Take him to every court problem related ?


Its the same if a Male MC adopts a child the child will be acknowledged. As for playing favorites I don’t know.


If an Male MC addopts the kid then they will be acknowledged as their child feel, as for playing favourites i think ir’s almost going to be guaranteed i guess lol?

If there is an option to play favorites later on whether it’s in book 2 or 3 I think it’s up to our play styles and reactions to Richard being Charles favorite.

For my MC, he accepted and has a great relationship with Richard, but understands the effects of playing favorites. So my MC is going to love and be in his childrens lives whether they are adopted or not; and whoever their mother is. Because he doesn’t want a repeat of what is happening to the kingdom.

But it’s up to the author whether the option to play favorites is put into the story. And if it is, then it’s up to our play styles and reactions to Richard being the favorite.

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Yeah but I wonder how it’s going to work, you can’t exactly do much with a baby lol, maybe there is going to have an post war timeskip and the children grow or something


Also will there gender be random or will it be depend on who the MC and up marred too? plus how Leia will react to all the RO’s later? especially if we and up agree to marred Queen Lena?

Edit: and how will Leia react ones she having siblings later.