The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

Hello, it’s me again :slight_smile:

The Sword of Rhivenia focuses on romance, family, leadership, and war. Unlike my previous work, The Unwanted Warrior (rip), there are no many locations in this game. Therefore, the story mainly takes place in a kingdom called Rhivenia.

You play as a prince/princess in a castle full of intrigues and conspiracy.


There are three endings in the public demo.

Patreon Demo

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Keep in mind that English is not my first language. There will be grammar mistakes and weird sentences.


  • Play as prince or princess.
  • Customize your appearance and personality.
  • Be a hero or villain.
  • Build friendships and make enemies.
  • Become the king/queen or stay as prince/princess.
  • Betray your kingdom or be loyal.
  • Get married and start a family.

Your Family

King Charles - your father and the current king of Rhivenia.
Queen Alvena - your mother and the current queen of Rhivenia.
Queen Isabelle - your step-mother and the current queen of Rhivenia.
Prince Richard - your half-brother and the prince of Rhivenia.
Princess Atheris - your eldest sister and the princess of Rhivenia.
Princess Freya - your elder sister and the princess of Rhivenia.

Romanceable Characters

All portraits are made in Artbreeder.

Clara of Rhivenian people.

Clara is Gerard’s daughter, who is the loyal servant of Rhivenia and adviser of the king. Her father’s position gives her the privilege of living in the castle freely. Though Prince Richard befriends her and welcomes her to the family, she’s doesn’t feel quite happy.

Princess Astryn of Pagonia.

After her parents passed away, Astryn became the queen of Pagonia. However, she chose to give her power and army to her childhood friend, Erwan, who plans to attack Rhivenia and defeat the king.

Lady Revna of House Everan.

Revna is the lady of House Everan. Despite being born earlier than her twin, Everans chose Daemir as a leader after their eldest brother’s death. Even if she never cared about the throne, this incident made her question her worth and grow hatred for her brother.

Prince Xavier of Asinea.

Xavier is King Oliver’s second-born child and the prince of Asinea. His life was peaceful until his father’s betrayal was exposed by Lord Daemir. King Oliver was murdered, and he was kept as a prisoner in Rhivenia.

Jarean of Rhivenan people.

Jarean is a young man with a lot of secrets. He lives a poor life and works as a drink-maker in a tavern. He has lost one of his eyes for unknown reasons.

Lord Daemir of House Everan.

Daemir is the lord of House Everan and Lady Revna’s twin brother. He’s well-respected among the Northerners, and his leadership is highly praised. He remains to be the greatest ally of Rhivenia.


Can main character become the king/queen of Rhivenia?
Yes. If main character’s leadership stats ishigh enough, they will be chosen by the Sword. If not chosen, they can use force to take the throne later.

Can main character become a villain?
Yes. MC can be good, neutral, or evil.

Can we team up with the enemies?
Yes, the main character can choose to side with King Erwan and help him take the throne.

Can main character get married and have children?
Of course. Worry not, MC will not die when their child is born :slightly_smiling_face:

What happened to The Unwanted Warrior?
Unfortunately, all game files were lost after sending my laptop to service. Some files were uploaded on drive before, but a huge part of the game was lost. I didn’t have any inspiration or time to rewrite them. I’ve tried to contact to receive the files. However, they didn’t respond. In short, The Unwanted Warrior is canceled.


Welcome back, glad to see this!


Sounds interesting shame about the unwanted warrior


@NutellaQueen can’t you add vigilante to the list? being a hero or a villain is a bit too main stream for that alone.

also i would like to ask, what happened to your wip Unwanted Warrior?


Truly a shame that The Unwanted Warrior is cancelled, it’s a damn interesting one…

But this is an intriguing story too, definitely gonna keep up with this…


Ahhh I love love love it!
Can’t wait for the fully release of the game (つ≧▽≦)つ


I really enjoy it (time to teach our father that it isn’t nice to pick your favorite child) but I found something that doesn’t make much sense. When Jarean is getting attacked and I don’t interfere I’m still accused of helping him, how did I help him when I was just sitting there with my drink?


The answer to what happened to the unwanted warrior is in the questions tab here


Can I ask what is the difference between the swordsmanship and the combat stat? Is combat like knowledge of tactics or strategies or something like that?


This is really good. I’ve already played it 3 times in a row. I want more tho. U can’t end it like that. Too cruel.


Great start, some parts definitely reminded me of Unwanted Warrior but yet it’s different. Really sad to hear that UW won’t be continued, but I hope this one will.


Wait wait wait… The unwanted warrior, the one I was waited year back and one of my fav wip is cancelled? Gone?

Oh :disappointed:
Excuse me I wanna cry.
Yeah, I would be so damn pissed too if that much hard and proud work gone that easily. I’m sorry. I hope this one doesn’t share the same fate as the previous one. Good luck.


damn the demo ended without me ever see the result of all swordmanship skills I took all those years, but maybe it was because I got lost in finding who poisoned my blood-spilling daddy.

wouldn’t hurt to see a tiny portion of war chapters, keep up the good work :+1:


Love this so much. Sad about Unwanted Warrior but Im excited to see where this goes.


Loving this definitely gonna keep tab on this one

Sad about The Unwanted Warrior 🥲


Interesting :hugs:


Hey, just letting you know that the hair & eye colour description on stat screen for main cast is mixed up at least for Clara. It says she has blonde eyes and light blue hair.

Quite invested in the story already, the tension is just so good; also gonna be choosing Clara as my main RO just for that sweet angst(/˘◡˘)


It’s good to be back!

Unfortunately, its canceled. You can get more information on Questions tab.

Interesting, I checked the codes and found no mistake :thinking:

Swordsmanship is sword fighting, combat is hand to hand fighting.

Blonde eyes huh :sweat_smile:
Thanks for informing me.

Oh, believe me, she’s less angsty than others ROs in the game :smile_cat:

Yes. Adopted children are also considered heirs.


Can we adopt kids If we go for a same-sex ro?

Or is passing the bloodline down important for the whole sword thing?