The Special One (WIP)

Special One

Different, alone strange
No one loved in range
Powerful, scared all by (his/her)self
(His/Her) only best friend is (his/her) own oneself …

Ok I just published the first chapter of my game after some serious help from this forum now im wondering if anyone would Beta Test it?

I need feedback on:

*The description (Does it fit with the book?)
*Grammar issues
*If you think it’s rushed (And how to fix it if it is)
*what do you think I should add (Story-line, Plot, Conflict, Personality wise)
*Ratings 1-5
*Serious criticism

What im working on short term (by 12-1-18)

Longer demo
More choices
Error fixes

What im working on long term (2019 somewhere)

Immersing storyline
Deeper understanding
Writing more script
Publishing the original book online (yes it will be free)
Looking for a script collaborator (story writing ONLY)

Thank you.
(11/20/18) More error fixes including the startup line 426 one. Added 1/8 of chapter 2

(11/28/18) 10:20 More of chapters 2 is published

(12/5/18) 11:00 Fixed the error where you eavesdropped on the characters and got stuck on the stats screen when you clicked on it

(12/9/18) 1:29 Fixed some of the errors where some of the choices bled into another story line tell me if you see this

(12/15/18) 6:56 Fixed multiple errors with the stats screen

(12/21/2018) 11:23 Added a new run-away scene (#Nearby mine) and mini-game the scene is not completely finish.

(12/22/18) 3:50 Fixed multi stats, hidden options, and fixed the issue with unequal stats


startup line 426: increasing indent not allowed, expected 0 was 4

Also, I have no idea what the plot is about, so please give me a brief explanation.

Is this Magic fantasy urban related stuff?
Is this the right category to post this?
Am I interested in this? Hell yeah

Basically it’s about a girl or boy who fears (him/her)self so she sneaks out only to have to help others like herself to avoid death

1st question: Its fantasy

2nd question: I have no idea

You should probably post this on the Works in progress thread though.

I’m just saying, whatever. Follow your heart.

I’m still doin the grammatical errors stuff.

The demo is too short for me to judge, and there isn’t a prologue or even a vague idea about what the shizzle is happening. But if you can make and intro or a longer demo. That would be awesome.

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I Understand I might want to start working on that now though…


Turning this thread into one of those #hosted-games:works-in-progress is fine. I can do that for you if you want.

Please do thankyou


Alright its back up with more fixes

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