The Soul Stone War General Discussion Thread (Romance And Stones Guide on #6)

I think killing two trolls on your own is unrealistic, unless you’re Hulk. Even more when your character is supposed to be a noob at adventuring, ergo killing monsters.
I actually am pretty okay with that fighting scene, because even if we’re obviously weak, we got a chance to actually help our friends and ended up delivering the killing blow on the last troll.


Saves have been added in preparation for Book 2, for those who want to get their playthroughs in place.


Will she be one in subsequent books? I’m making a third playthrough for her (not sure the first playthrough counts for anything, since it’s a Worst Ending one).

I’m actually baffled at some people being fans of Manerkol romance while at the same time saying Mornie is somehow too evil. It’s like saying Darth Vader is an evil bastard (he is) but that Palpatine is actually a swell dude (he is not).



i finish romance with morkai and at the end he dies , can i save him ?

Thanks you

Morkai doesn’t die, he is merely injured.

thanks you ! i was ready to playing a new playthrough.

Sorry if this has been asked and answered before but, I’m playing on the Choice of Games omnibus app and half the scenes in this guide don’t show up for me. We’re there scenes removed from the game?

@Merrybeary85 The game has a big branchout in the beginning. Whether you learn about Dorlas’ bounty or not changes the scene of meeting Morkai and Straasa. That’s why a part of the things mentioned in the guide don’t show up. You can only get one variation per playthrough

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Hello! First time poster so I apologize if this is not the right place to post this. I’ve been playing this game in preparation for the second one. Really awesome btw :grin:but I think I have encountered a few bugs?
When I got to my soul stone I have bold Stat more than the others but my stone appears as Unknown?

Also when I tried the poly with the boys I can get 3 flirtmance points with one and one with the other but after that all flirtmance options are greyed out for the second person. Tried two playthroughs, one with morkai first and one with strassa first. Same thing happened. Is this a bug or did I miss a trigger somewhere?

Maybe you accidentally did a friendmance option at some point thinking it was a flirtmance? I was replaying for the second book the other day too and ended up making that mistake. I had to replay and be very careful.

Hi. Thanks for the reply! I restarted a couple of times and realized this happens if you try the Ms poly with shy flirts. Only bold flirts lead to options not being grayed out.
As for the unknown, I noticed I had all stats EXACTLY at 50 except for bold/cautious that has no bearing on the stone type. That was my bad… I kinda broke the game there :sweat_smile:

Can’t get the duo option for Morkai and Daelynn in Chapter 4 to not be greyed out. Got 4 flirts with Morkai, 2 with Daelynn, none with Straasa. And I did pick the same flirt type… am I missing a chance for flirt with Daelynn or something else?

Ah nvm. Think the issue was with the friendmance, switched all flirts to bold and it’s not greyed out now.

How to get Achievement Lover Of Elves?

I only got Daelynn 4 flirtmance and i got no romances is there a complete romance guide for her

If it worked for you, it worked for you, but I don’t think this is the problem :sweat_smile: I know I pretty routinely do shy M flirts mixed with bold S flirts and still get the poly options?

I remember there being pretty stringent requirements for the poly as far as friendmance/flirtmance points went, but I’ll try and find exactly what was said.

Hello how to romance Daelynn

Flirt with her


Why is intuition so hard to keep my highest stat. Even if I boost with training it only goes up by one how is that a large boost?

But my Flirtmance is only 4 how to get it to 5 is there a walkthrough?