The Soul Stone War General Discussion Thread (Romance And Stones Guide on #6)

As title of this thread states guides for all romances can be found on 6th post, written by @Morgan_V


So, I’m playing through this again and I’ve been wondering, does anyone know if the choice of armor affects anything? It doesn’t seem like it does.

Is this the type of game where you kind of have to choose one stat and always rely on that? Or can you make a more balanced build and still do well?

Yeah, you’re basically going to have to pick one stat and rely on that, but there are cases where that isn’t an option and you can pick a secondary one, but you should almost always rely on your primary


In TSSW1, I’ve been aiming for insight and persuasion as much as possible, but I can tell I won’t get to 38 persuasion by the ending battle. There’s obviously something I’ve missed, but I just can’t find it. I’ve even purposefully avoided combat as much as possible (hiding behind characters, talking it out, etc) so I didn’t accidentally increase a different stat.

Because I avoided combat, I’m wondering if I might have missed out on some persuasive opportunities. Like entering the cave, mayhaps? However convincing the others to stay certainly sounds like a persuasion stat check/increase.

I’m also really pushing for Insight, since I’m sure it doesn’t interfere with Persuasion at all. Unless I’m wrong…

What could I be missing?

Edit: I also want to add that I’ve chosen not to carry anymore weapons than I was forced to. I felt like picking one would end up increasing a combat stat as well.

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I know I’m a couple years late at this point but I just got into the Soulstone War series and I’m loving every minute of it! But getting the DE poly route is proving very difficult. How do I get the scene after the kobold cave to trigger where I can flirt with Daelynn to get the third point in chapter 4? I’ve tried probably four or five times now :joy:


Do you mean the conversation about her and Eledwen being much older than the MC? That triggers automatically for everyone, I think :thinking:

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Ok I’m aware that I’m very late but this game is so much fun! I plan to try out all the romance options I adore these characters!

I also want to do a platonic run with an eighteen year old MC who develops a sibling esque bond with Morkai. I just think that would be sweet. She’d ship him and Daelynn lol

Anyways great game and totally worth the price!

Not sure if this has been asked, but does the armor choice in book 1 have mechanical effects or is it purely flavorful?

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