The Soul Stone War General Discussion Thread (Romance And Stones Guide on #6)

Yeah, you’re basically going to have to pick one stat and rely on that, but there are cases where that isn’t an option and you can pick a secondary one, but you should almost always rely on your primary


In TSSW1, I’ve been aiming for insight and persuasion as much as possible, but I can tell I won’t get to 38 persuasion by the ending battle. There’s obviously something I’ve missed, but I just can’t find it. I’ve even purposefully avoided combat as much as possible (hiding behind characters, talking it out, etc) so I didn’t accidentally increase a different stat.

Because I avoided combat, I’m wondering if I might have missed out on some persuasive opportunities. Like entering the cave, mayhaps? However convincing the others to stay certainly sounds like a persuasion stat check/increase.

I’m also really pushing for Insight, since I’m sure it doesn’t interfere with Persuasion at all. Unless I’m wrong…

What could I be missing?

Edit: I also want to add that I’ve chosen not to carry anymore weapons than I was forced to. I felt like picking one would end up increasing a combat stat as well.

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I know I’m a couple years late at this point but I just got into the Soulstone War series and I’m loving every minute of it! But getting the DE poly route is proving very difficult. How do I get the scene after the kobold cave to trigger where I can flirt with Daelynn to get the third point in chapter 4? I’ve tried probably four or five times now :joy:


Do you mean the conversation about her and Eledwen being much older than the MC? That triggers automatically for everyone, I think :thinking:

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Ok I’m aware that I’m very late but this game is so much fun! I plan to try out all the romance options I adore these characters!

I also want to do a platonic run with an eighteen year old MC who develops a sibling esque bond with Morkai. I just think that would be sweet. She’d ship him and Daelynn lol

Anyways great game and totally worth the price!

Not sure if this has been asked, but does the armor choice in book 1 have mechanical effects or is it purely flavorful?

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It doesn’t in book 1 and 2

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Hey, guys! The Guide to The Soul Stone War is out as downloadable content from the main page of the game! If you update your games, it will show up as an option!

You can get help with triggering every romance route, triggering all the achievements as well as an explanation of all the Soul Stone gems and weapons!



I’m starting the first playthrough and I still don’t fully understand how all the statuses work, but from what I understand the character has a premonition ability, to dream or feel what is going to happen and this ability is linked to the intuition status, it means that if my choices are pragmatic, will this skill be of no use to me? if so, then would it be better to have an intuitive character than a pragmatic one? sorry if there are any mistakes, i’m brazilian and i’m using google translator :slight_smile:

I feel exceptionally stupid, as I don’t see the two extra text options presented in the romance guide for Chapter 2. I don’t know if it is due to my choices in the earlier part of the game or what but it is slowly beginning to frustrate me, since I am interested in friendmancing Straasa and don’t want to miss content in the game. Did I need to pick a specific background or something?

After I got wind of TSSW in another IF’s Discord I took a one look at Manerkol and got super into the story. And a combination of being into crossovers and playing Demon, Fireforged led me to draw some ideas about what happens if Manerkol and the Devil meet each other. I feel like it’d be epic and villainous, because they might find solidarity in lust for power and conquest.

ive just decided to hunt for a couple of achievements cause i think they are interesting and i wanted to ask how you get the into love’s arms and feline senses are superior?

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For that you need to fail the mission to save Eledwen at the very end of book two while being on Manerkol’s route. Just choose wrong choices, create a lot of noise, fight everyone and it should work, I think.

I didn’t get this achievement myself, but iirc it has something to do with the cave where you repeatedly choose what tunnel to go into.


If I remember right:

  1. Fall into the oubliette (wrong turn at the final cross way in the labyrinth)
  2. Refuse the help from the Stone
  3. A cat will arrive to save you.

PS I might remember wrong, it’s been quiet a while since last time I read it


So like… I’m in Love with this series and I’m patiently waiting for Book 3. Any ideas? Just wondering. Because I’ve replayed 1 and 2 six times with different endings and I am getting angsty…Much Love :heart:

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Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! So Eggsighted I can hardly stand it!!! Much :heart::heavy_heart_exclamation::two_hearts::cupid::heart::heart_eyes:

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How do I get 5 flirts with daelynn and 3 with Eledwen, because I always get 4 and 2 when the festival starts so I can’t poly them and I can’t find answers on how to do it