New Content for "The Soul Stone War" – "Behind the Scenes" by Morgan Vane

Hosted Games has a new game for you to play!

The Soul Stone War

Thrust back onto the world of the Soul Stones, discover all-new content with every companion and love interest available in The Soul Stone War. Catch a glimpse of future interactions with your companions after the main series is concluded. Whether romantic or platonic, experience small, heartfelt moments between your main character and your friends and partners!

It’s 30% off until September 16th!

The Soul Stone War — Behind the Scenes is a 40,000 interactive fantasy novel by Morgan Vane, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Embark on a new journey of companionship, friendship, and love as you once more meet the friends and lovers you made along the way to fulfilling your fate. Catch a small moment of reprieve and spend time with the companions in scenes that will not appear in the main series! What will the world be like after the threat is over? Who will you be, and how will you relate to the people who went through it all alongside you?

  • Play as female, male, or non-binary—with options to be straight, gay, bisexual, or aromantic.
  • Spend time with all the in-game companions—including the antagonist—in scenes both romantic and platonic!
  • Nine standalone interactive stories featuring the whole cast with your main character thrown back into the thick of it all!
  • Glimpse into a time after the main threat is gone and your main character is in established relationships with the love interest(s) of your choice!
  • Experience a moment of reprieve with your found family where all the companions and your main character can relax and be themselves!
The time to dive back into the world of the Soul Stones is now.
Morgan Vane developed this game using ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice interactive novels like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Write your own game and Hosted Games will publish it for you, giving you a share of the revenue your game produces.

I have soul stone wars is this extra content? It won’t dl

Yes this is extra content! You should be given the option to purchase the new content in the game :slight_smile:

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Is it avaible on Steam too?

Yes it is!

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I’m not sure I fully understand. What exactly is this? An update?

This is new content for the game. You can think of it like an optional DLC :slight_smile:

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for the Hosted Games omnibus, is that option supposed to be under Upgrade? Still not seeing anything atm


It is! I had to restart my phone before the dlc was able to show up/be downloaded. I hope this works for you too!


Yay, it’s out! Hope you enjoy it, everyone! : )



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and im confused it takes me back to soul stone war

This is a DLC (basically just extra content) put on the original game. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, DLC generally are used to add extra missions, companion scenes, or even new characters sometimes!! I believe this one gives us new companion content that is in chapters 4-10 of the 1st book, again someone please correct me if I’m wrong since I’m still playing through rn. Hope this answers your question!

No, it’s not companion content for the first book. It appears to be content with the ROs or friends once relationships have been established and the main series ends. So it’s a glimpse into the future. As soon as I get a break from work, I am so playing this!


Thanks for the clarification!

@Morgan_V The Morkai, Morkai/Straasa, and Straasa shorts are freaking incredible! (yes, I just may have blown off work for the past hour, so sue me). I can’t wait to see them all in the relationship stage like that.

The Manerkol one… well, playing that just convinced me I am not playing his route. Ever. Ouch… :sob:


Yay! It finally here. Now I’m gonna play this for the eleventh time.

3 Likes takes me to the game and just gives me an option to play it

@Morgan_V Congraaaaaaaatssssssss! I can’t wait to play it <3<3<3

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Thanks, everyone! It was super fun writing these! Also, @Idon_t_havaname If you’re playing on your phone, you need to make sure that the game is updated and then restart it. Sometimes you need to restart your phone for the update to kick in. If you restart the game and see an author’s note first thing, then that means you can get the DLC!