The Soul Stone War General Discussion Thread (Romance And Stones Guide on #6)

@Requiem I’m very glad you liked it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I hope you will find the second game just as enjoyable when it’s out!


Finally finished playing this, and it’s probably my fav CoG/HG game now. Loved the characters, and the humour, SPECIALLY the humour, was exactly my type. Some scenes felt a bit too stretched/descriptive, but they were never dull and I enjoyed them.

Really looking forward to the next book!


Can someone explain the skills I really don’t understand wits I get the other skills but don’t understand wits really

Wits is intelligence. Basically picking “smart” or “creative” options is wits.


I’m really loving this game so far.

@Morgan_V I do have one question, how can i chose the “flirt” options with Monie? Like the first time I see her the “Stare at her face, horrified and captivated at the same time” is allways unpickable.

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@M_Trakar You must not have any flirting/friendmance points with any of the others and be attracted to women, I believe :grin:

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Just curious as how to trigger the romance scene with mornie.

Well I got the mornie scene and boy was it disappointing.

That was the point, really :joy: Mornie is nowhere near a romance in this book, either as a full one or a partial one.


There seems to be a bug with the iOS version of the game, at least; I’m hearing that there are achievements, but the button to make them show up can’t be found anywhere; I wasn’t sure where else to post this problem

The author is aware of this and has attempted to get them to fix the problem to no avail. I think what caused was the achievements being added later after the game was finished.

Does anyone have a list of choices that can raise persuasion to 38 by the time of the second dragon encounter in chapter 10?

Ok so… I didn’t see anyone asking this so I have to ask before playing again to make sure it doesn’t repeat. How do you save your RO?? I’m still not sure how it happens but in mu gameplay my ro Daelyn died. How do you stop that? Do you have to accept the soulstone quickly? I struggled because I was hopping there would be someway the mc could be in full control of the stone. Maybe that was why? Could someone help me?

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I haven’t played in a while so i don’t remember anyone dying just them getting hurt :grimacing:
I don’t think that accepting or refusing the stone has an effect on the ending but i’m not sure.
but i found this on the authors tumbler i hope it helps :yellow_heart:

and this

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Oh, thanks, I guess I just don’t remember it well, it’s been a while since I played.

That link was helpfull though.

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Wait one minute. @Morgan_V ’s Soul Stone war has some of the best relationship (both platonic and romantic) content I’ve seen. BUT THERES A NEW DLC WITH MORE!!! BEFORE THE SECOND GAME!!! TAKE MY MONEY!!! image


@Waywalkerlover THANK YOU! I hope you have fun with it!


I’ll have to dive into it soon too! I’m so excited!

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It seems unfair to me that it does not allow me to kill the two trolls on my own having high stats, is this purposeful?

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