The Soul Stone War General Discussion Thread (Romance And Stones Guide on #6)

@Konoi You can definitely take the nice and gentle route on his romance arc, and the route will not cut off or anything. It will be more angsty for sure. As to it being “successful”… I’m not sure that’s a word that applies to his romance at all. It’s all subjective, and it boils down to what each individual can live with :sweat_smile:

@varada_naveen Thank you! Can’t wait to show you all what I’ve written so far!

@blupe Flawed heroes are my preferred routes too, though I do enjoy playing morally grey or evil characters from time to time. Time to time being the keyword here :sweat_smile: Writing a fully evil route would take a lot of work and dedication, and that’s a lot to ask if you’re not enjoying it…

@Quaesitrix I actually noticed the discrepancy too, and it mildly annoyed me, so I kept telling myself that I’ll fix it later on. But as more and more content piled up, it became too risky and time consuming to change every single instance where the variable appears. Plus, making mass changes almost always resorts to bugs afterwards. I’m so sorry that it’s annoying you, but I’m not going to change that now, it’s too late… Any other mistakes/errors/typos that you find, however, feel free to report them like resuri08 suggested :+1:


Well… avoiding death, for starters :sweat_smile:

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@Konoi Hmm… I will say that the kind of ending you get with Manerkol will not depend on your niceness :smirk: So I think you’re safe on that front at least :laughing:


Hello, everyone!

I come with a surprise for you all! I have just submitted to HG an update for the first book!

The game has now achievements so you all can check to see if there’s any content you haven’t seen before and get your perfectionist groove going!

Also. I have added 3 new endings to the game, turning the sum of endings one can get in book 1 to a glorious 5 .

The 3 extra endings are as follows:

  1. An option to refuse the Soul Stone.
  2. A different outcome if you have low approval with every single companion.
  3. A different outcome if you have low approval with every single companion AND are on Manerkol’s route.

Suffice it to say, these are not particularly happy endings, but I do find them satisfying in their own way.

The game feels more complete now, with almost every possible outcome accounted for. The only what if left is “what would have happened if we accepted the Soul Stone immediately?”

And the answer to that is “You still would have gone to Dae’s village because she asked for help to move it. Manerkol is there. Fighting ensues. But 2 wielders are not enough to defeat him—you need all 5. So we have Eledwen sacrifice herself again OR you all get caught.” So basically, different path, same outcome.

So there you have it! I hope you all enjoy the new update once it gets approved and goes live and don’t hesitate to tell me your impressions after you’ve played it!



Is this game/book a standalone or is there plans for more because I really enjoyed it and was wondering I am usually not into romance but the soul stone war was extremely done well and I actually care what happens about the character and romances well done

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Is going to be hard to be mean to everyone but I’ll do it just to read more content with our king lol.

@Metalhead75 The author is already working on book 2!


Maybe I will just sprint through the ‘being mean to everyone part’ without really reading it… :thinking: Sooo I won’t feel absolutely horrible about it and still get more Manerkol :two_hearts:! This could work… :rofl:


How are you doing with the writing of the second book? Is it difficult to complete? I wish you luck. We really need some good stories in these dark days! :heart: Sorry if my English is bad, I haven’t practice much in these months…


I dont know you, but I love you. This work is what I called heavily-impact-romance story. :tipping_hand_woman::100:

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Oh yes, the second book. Can’t wait.

Nah, your English is awesome. Me too, still use some practice:>

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Thanks for the kind words @Metalhead75, @Luana_Bellotti, @Sakinah_Saraswati :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

I am already working on book 2, the first demo for it is coming out in September 13th!

It’s already challenging to make sure I am accounting for all the variables, and Ch1 is a split one because of the different endings one can get, so it’s a lot of work.

But I’m having fun doing it, and it’s going steady! Can’t wait to show everyone what’s in store next!


Please don’t torture your fangirls. lol



I am not among them, but some do seem to enjoy that. :grimacing: To each their own as long as I don’t have to take part, heh… :sweat_smile:

Still! >counts on fingers< :thinking: …another week and we can take the first steps then! :relaxed:


Oh, wonderful! I can’t wait to try it! Even if it’s difficult to write this kind of stories, the most important thing is to have fun while writing! :slight_smile:

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@Eiwynn @Taylor_Enean Well, the torture is over! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: The demo is out!


You just made my day I can’t wait to see it I am happy


Does anyone know the specific choices for increasing your intuition? I get the visions choices but some of the choices seemingly just lowered it for no reason.