The Royal Legacy (New Poll on post #1466) (Hiatus)

Yes please, that’ll be appreciated. Choosing the soldier background should actually raise the combat stat to 25. I’m having trouble on my end reproducing it.

Thank you guys for coming swiftly to my aid for private beta feedback development, to those able to provide feedback, you know just how helpful its been, thank you. :blush:

Now there’s another need! We’re nearly at the point of encountering more important minor characters. They are the ones that will show up at court trials. Starting whispers of sedition. They’ll be the ones the quirky individuals the MC encounters in their secret rendezvous into the city.

Perhaps there’s a priest with a serious secret drinking problem, where he’s always intoxicated to the point no one’s seen him sober and so everyone just thinks that’s how he is. :man_shrugging: The character could be someone who wants to replace the palace chef of 40 years. Feel free to use your imagination, and have little fear of them not fitting into the game world, a little adjustments here and there can easily solve that problem.

Simply shoot me a pm with enough details that I can get a solid idea for the character and we’ll see what we can work with from there :wink:


A court royal who jus so happens to be a lost heir to one of our enemy kingdoms. Having him or her under our wing we can turn him/her into our own tool for personal gain or give them a choice.


Well now, that does sound fun! I can see this being merged into a major plot point. Perhaps the heir is hiding in Imora. Whether they know or not, they endanger the scion’s court.

Perhaps this can go so far as the regent of their country offers an alliance for returning the heir. The heir counter-offering with a promise to cede some of their territory to the scion. All the while pressure mounts from forces being mustered.

Politics, manipulation, drama – what more could you ask for? If you’ve more details to toss in feel free :upside_down_face:


Within the game’s stats page is the “Library”, so to speak. There, various stories can be found. They tell miscellaneous information regarding the game world. One may be a folk story, another is a local/foreign children’s story, and another may simply be the background story to a location/creature/person.

Although I do/will try to keep them interesting they don’t actually progress the game or anything like that and are merely there for pastime reading or perhaps after reaching the end of the demo. (They personally help me keep track of certain things though they don’t need to be publicized) What’s seen now is bare bone and are mostly random info for me to test different codes once I officially take up the idea.

I’d like to know what’s everyone’s thought on the library. If you have a differing idea do let me know. This will help you know how much effort will go into it. Should I come to a conclusion beforehand the poll will likely vanish. Thank you for your time and patronage.

  • The library gives no substance to the game, it’s a waste of time and energy that could be used elsewhere.
  • As long as I’m not forced to open it up and read from it, I don’t mind there being a library.
  • I’m definitely on board with having a library. It’s like a codex, the more books the better.
  • I’m a little reserved on the matter. I’ll have to see how it goes first before I can give a better answer.

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