The Royal Legacy (New Poll on post #1466) (Hiatus)

My inference that you were not the next in line to the throne or in close proximately mostly stems from the fact that people don’t seem to know who you are or really much about you. If you were a heartbeat away from being in charge of the country presumably people would be familiar with you and you wouldn’t likely have been off at a distance. It’s suggestive you are some manner of 4th or 5th child whom no one really paid much attention to and leads one to wonder what happened to everyone else?

@Dark_Stalker Honorable Father? With bastards? The very thought!

@chrisbat Well well, smooth deductive skills there. That is very much a nearly completely correct inference.

The MC likely heard rumors of what went on after their exile, but more than that leaves to soon be confirmed. What happened indeed… :wink:

Well its rather like that show Designated Survivor insofar that everyone knows who the VP is but who the hell is the guy number 11 on the list?

Per the forum FAQ, please don’t post to WIP threads that have been dormant for more than two weeks or so.

The author can contact any mod to have the thread reopened.

It’s hard to believe several years of Hiatus has come and gone for The Royal Legacy! Still, I do apologize for the wait. Though I won’t go into details, unavoidable circumstances have led to this point. Fortunately, I’ve made my return to see to the completion of this tale.

Going too long without an update leads to pressure to update, which doesn’t have good results. So to counter this, I would love to have a few private, alpha testers provide detailed (very detailed) feedback, discussion, and pre-testing for development of the game. I will also need petitioners who will read petitions and decide how they would respond to a situation.

E.g. My neighbor has trimmed his shrubs into rude and vulgar shapes. I seek permission to burn them to the ground with fire.
Petitioners would then accept or deny the petition and give their response, whether serious or witty or whatever. Think of it as the screener before it goes to the crown for trial.

There may also be scenario testing in which scenarios are given and how you and/or your character would react to the situation.

E.g. You find your daughter playing in the garden, when you investigate, you find her drowning mice, lifting them out of the water just in time to keep them alive for another round.

Of course, it’s likely these questions may just be asked on the thread as well. Thanks for your time. The release will be delayed for a public playthrough, but will be continuous as they would already be ‘completed’. Alpha testers will always be several chapters ahead.

Lastly, thanks for stopping by, it’s great to see you all. Those who never got a chance to play TRL, sorry the link isn’t updated, but never fear, you’ll (eventually) get to play.

The premise of the game involves you playing as an exiled heir who must manage a small, crumbling territory and assume absolute authority in order to survive. To that end, you must unify the continent and withstand rebellion and dethronement. Survive and reign, become a puppet, or die.


Noice can’t wait for more of your stuff mate!

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Is it? It seems that it’s not letting me in :frowning:


There you are, link updated. Please keep in mind there will be no further updates until the revamped version is ready for release. (Unless it’s game crashing of course)


Yes! It’s back!:grinning:

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I’m not able to play it either

Welcome to the forum. If you have a screenshot of an error message or something that could point towards why it isn’t working for you, that would be wonderful.


I love the story, thank you for posting it again. Can’t wait for the finished version.

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An error doesn’t show up it just keeps loading.

When I follow the link, I get the following screens:


Then no matter which I pick, I get one more screen successfully such as:
But it freezes when I hit Next.
Having picked the top choice, it does eventually load the following:

Maybe the picture is causing the long load time but it does load eventually.

Ah, I see now. Dashingdon may not be able to process the pics swiftly due to their size.

I’ll have to remove them.

It may simply be that I’m not too familiar with Dashingdon, but do bear with me while I figure out how scenes/images can be removed after being uploaded.


Hi there old buddy old pal o’ mine. It’s like I’ve seen a ghost.


Ah, Dark, its been far too long! It’s good to hear from you. Let’s be sure not to make it another several years until the next gathering. :grinning:


You can simply cut out the *image command in your code, or replace the image with a blank file.

Other than that, welcome back! I know how it feels to be someone who gone hiatus for a long time and returning.

I’m still outside right now, but once I get back, I’d love to taste how does a story made from 2-3yrs ago reads like.