The Protectors of Humanity (WIP)



Hello! I’m new user and I really like making games. This will be my first game by using ChoiceScript. Let me know what you think about this:

As they realize that end of humanity is near, a vampire, a wendigo and a werewolf cooperate to protect humans. They kill bad people in order to keep good ones safe.

You can choose to be a vampire, a wendigo or a werewolf.

You can betray the others and be the bad guy in this story.

You can choose your gender.

Your can choose your sexuality.

I will give you more information about the characters and story soon.


Sounds interesting love to play supernatural games


Sounds like a fun game.


Interesting, however I have a few questions!

First, how does one differ a ‘good’ person from a ‘bad’ person? Why have these creatures (people? Monsters?) decided they want to protect humanity? Why not just slaughter every human in sight, I know that’s what humans would do (call me cynical if you want).

It’s interesting, however, humans (or life in general for that matter) aren’t known to be merely ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Maybe there isn’t enough information, yet, but I’ll wait and reserve my judgement for now.

Good luck!


Two of the monsters usually eat people, why would you destroy your diet?


Mate, please promise me one thing. Change that title or I’ll have a heart attack xD. Otherwise, concept looks… Strange. We’ll see how you do If the demo shows up.


Well I can never say no to a game that I get to be a vampire, and my girlfriend is the same about werewolves so we’ll both be eager to see this :grin:


Sounds good can’t wait


Definitely an interesting concept. This has to be the first time I’ve heard of a vampire, a wendigo and a werewolf team up. Most of the time they’re either lone wolves or they travel in a pack with their own kind. Looking forward to this.


Not really what I meant. Wendigo’s from what I know of them have an insatiable hunger, however that’s something completely different. I think I was asking why, exactly humans needed to be protected by these monsters as I’m well aware that humans wouldn’t extend the same courtesy. As far as I’m concerned humans would fight the things that are supposedly protecting them and why would you want to risk your food finding out about you and actively hunting you down while you can get them pretty safely when most people just think these people are just ‘crazy’?


The vampire and werewolf are workable for this, however the wendigo (a creature that is created from consuming human flesh and is cursed with endless hunger for human flesh) will need further explaining in the demo as to why he is on this team.


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