The Prides of Ghari (WIP) (Demo Update 5/6/2018)

Soooo, I’ve been lurking in the forums for years and a couple of months ago this idea had been forming in my mind. I had tried my hand at game making before, but it went up in flames. So, I’m trying again!

The Prides of Ghari

The Plot for now unless I add more or change it
There are three major prides in the vast plains of Africa. They all take up a territory claiming the land and claiming it as Ghari. The Jova being the most intelligent. Known for their quick thinking and problem solving. They tend to prefer peaceful solutions than rushing straight into battle. The Tali The head strong and battle orientated willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want for their pride. Lastly, the Dora a bit of a small mythical pride wanting nothing more than to stay out of the others way wishing to be left alone. War have been waged between the three for centuries and now it’s up to you to either bring these three prides together as humans begin to approach quickly onto your lands. Or live comfortably with the humans as out have always done if you are now pride born. Or, maybe venture continue to wander on your own like always.

Some things you should know
Yes, I’ll be using lion as the main characters in this game. I’ll be looking at how actually prides work, but not using how they traditionally work. Think of the lion king. It’s definitely not how real life lion prides work.

Things I want to include

  • Being able to play as male, female, or nonbinary. Basically the option saying ‘What does it matter I’m a lion.’ Like I said not a traditional lion style life.

  • Some interesting RO. I have a few planned out already. The number I want to add in is most likely six or seven to give you a variety of options.

  • Being able to choose if you grew up in a wandering pride, on a reserve with humans, or in one of the original pride.

  • Starting your own pride if your a wanderer.

  • Since, I’m big on romance. (Judge me) I want to add the option somewhere along the line where you can either adopt or conceive cubs with your RO. It would play up some…things I have planned later on in the game.

Okay! That’s mostly all of it. Since, I’m new to this I would love suggestions and help with all this.

Demo in progress

What I plan to work on

  • Making the Jova path first

  • Adding in the names

  • Fixing up the prologue to give more detailed descriptions of the ancestors


  • Introduced Jalou and Minous

  • Gave the option to choose your gender

  • Added slight customization. Ability to choose body size and other options. (3/25/18)

What must be worked on

  • Figuring out how to raise stats

  • Paths for the other parents

  • Working on customization option

Okay! Also, if you would like a character featured as one of the ancestors or just a background let me know!

I will try to do small weekly updates from now on! That’s it for now!

Introduction of two RO Jinku and Sanora. Added path of Dora pride and Tali pride. Introduction of Minous and Ranomon.
Introduction of two RO Tanlu and Ulaa. Customization down the path where you just so happen to actually like Jalou. More to come next time as well as more RO.

Sooo, my laptop decided to do a cruel April fools prank on me by failing to save the major update that I had planed introducing two new scenes and RO into the story. So! The update will have to happen next week instead. Truly sorry about that. Happy east everyone. Goes to curse out laptop and cry softly in a corner.


You got my intrest i love animal games and storys


Sounds somewhat similar to the warrior cat series, you have my interest! :slight_smile:


I think it would be nice to let the reader know how it works in a narrative way at the beginning of the story as well.

And no. I may know nothing about lions but it should be having a big role in an animals life, since our(animals) basic instinct is reproduction. So i think that option should be handled in a better way.

Other than that i like the idea behind it. I am not much interested in playing something where you’re an animal but i’ve seen some which pulled it off so nice that i enjoyed playing. So i hope this will be one of them :slight_smile: Here is a good luck for you :four_leaf_clover:

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Has some potential. Will be watching this.

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I love the warrior cats series!


Now this might be interesting. There aren’t many animals games on here. Aside from the cat one are there are finished animal games?
Anyhow, I am definitely looking forward to this game. :hugs::lion:

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This sounds amazing. It’s cool to see lots of animal stories being made. We’ve got dragons, owls, bun buns, cows, and now lions.

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I hate to burst your bubble but it’s very unlikely we would adopt cause male lions generally chase away the Cubs when there old enough and there are often lions that wonder who take partners of the same gender


I’m not to sure how much basic instinct will be put into the lions themselves. They would most likely have more human characteristics while still being well…lions. And, thanks for the good luck! I’ll need it. :sweat_smile:


As I have said in the description this won’t be how prides traditionally work.


I love this idea and can’t wait to see it.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yes! We need more games where the MC is an animal. I mean, we have choice of the cat and choice of the dragon. But I would really love to play through a lion’s POV. We need more non-human protagonists.

Your idea is very creative, and I support it :slight_smile:


I love this idea and cant wait to be able to play a demo


I read this and my jaw dropped! THIS WOULD BE SO AWESOME! I love lions, and they’re my favorite animals, I know almost everything about them! If you need help with knowledge about lions, no matter what it be, PM me please! :star_struck::lion::heart_eyes:

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I suggest putting the for the family and for me under a new area call personality I will be back later to bug you :smile:

And perhaps making For the family and For me opposing stats?


@Blank I was gonna move it to relationships later. And, please do bug me when I update it again. XD

@Morphine It will be like that during the update.

:lion: RAAAWWWR! :lion:

Sounds cool!

If you see hear any ruffles in the bushes don’t worry its just me lurking in the shadows :smile:



You’ve got a lion WIP. I’ve got a Horse WIP. I can only conclude that we’re all slowly turning into furries.

(This totally has potential, keep up the good work!)