The Passenger is OUT!

AAAAAAAAAAA i’m so excited!! i’m sure you did a great job and i cannot wait to throw all my money at you haha :relaxed: :sparkling_heart:


Hey there, gang :grin: I’ve been working on CH8’s and CH9’s pacing this week and about to add choices to CH9 because I sort of forgot the interactive part of interactve fiction on that chapter :sweat_smile: I also keep taking scenes from CH9 and switching them over to CH8, but I think the finished product will have a better word/playing time ratio per chapter that way which is always cool in my opinion.

Hope you’re all doing fine, take care, hugs!


I forgor :skull:


dang, that’s great progress! Can’t wait xD


Hey, gang :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: How is it going? I’ve been working on CH9, adding choices and whatnot. I wanted to be done with it before the end of the week, but it needed more work than I initially thought :neutral_face: Oh well, it happens.

Take care of yourselves, see you all next week!


Hey there, gang! I’m happy to announce I finished fixing CH9 and I’m super ready to tackle CH10 next week :grin: CH10 is big and I’m planning to work a lot on it, so I’m not sure when I will be done. And I don’t want to rush it because I know it needs some deep improvements :sweat_smile:

Hope you’re doing great, hugs!


Dope to hear! This is one of the coolest WIP’s (alongside The Forgotten One and The Abyssal) I’m currently following simply because of the excellent writing and extremely unique concept. I’m super happy it’s making good progress, I can barely contain my excitement to play the full game.


I just finished the demo, and was amazed at its originality. The plot and characters were so entertaining! Thank you for creating this amazing piece. How is the work going?


Hey there, gang :kissing: How’s it going? I finally have more beta updates for you :smiley: I’ve finished tweaking CH10 and now I’m about to work on a tiny scene in the epilogue that used to be limited to players romancing Horizon; in the new updated version both romantic and friendly paths will lead to it :grin: What can I say? I think we all need more hippie cult leader in our lives.

List time!

  • Rewrite scene 1 :white_check_mark:
  • Rewrite scene 2 :white_check_mark:
  • Rewrite scene 3 :white_check_mark:
  • Rewrite scene 4 :white_check_mark:
  • Rewrite scene 5 :white_check_mark:
  • Fix pacing :white_check_mark:
  • Add choices :white_check_mark:
  • Fix code :green_square:
  • All the other stuff I don’t remember atm :green_square:

That’s all for now. Hugs!


Beta update, gang! Been working on smaller fixes this week—heading down the home stretch woo! Some are quick fixes like rewording choices to make them clearer, others are stuff like sprinkling some foreshadowing of things that happen in later chapters. I think I caught most of the bugs and coding issues, but I’ll have to play the game to be 100% sure :thinking: So many branches :fearful:

Anyway, list time:

Rewrite scene 1 :white_check_mark:
Rewrite scene 2 :white_check_mark:
Rewrite scene 3 :white_check_mark:
Rewrite scene 4 :white_check_mark:
Rewrite scene 5 :white_check_mark:
Fix pacing :white_check_mark:
Add choices :white_check_mark:
Fix code :white_check_mark:
All the other stuff I don’t remember atm :green_square:

Hope you’re all doing fine :grin: Hugs, see you later!


Hello! What a original and interesting idea. I love the relationship between the characters.I’m torn between discovering more about my essence and the cult and going back to my poor sister.Also our chaser is very scary without been too powerful creating great tension :blush:. I will wait eagerly for the following !
Sorry for my bad english but have a good day.:sunny:


Oooh I somehow didn’t realize how close you were getting to finishing this game :open_mouth: can’t wait to throw money down on this cause I’ve been hype ever since whenever it was the demo first came out !!!


Yes, i’m so close it’s bewildering :smile: Currently sprinkling in some delicious foreshadowing :relieved:


Hey, if you’ve updated since 2019, could you update the changelog on the OG post?

Please and Thank You

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I haven’t :laughing: the alpha demo is complete.


Great news, gang :grin: TP is ready for its second round of beta testing. So, if any of my betas is out there and didn’t see the message I left on TP’s discourse channel, well, know that round two is about to start.

The List:

Rewrite scene 1 :white_check_mark:
Rewrite scene 2 :white_check_mark:
Rewrite scene 3 :white_check_mark:
Rewrite scene 4 :white_check_mark:
Rewrite scene 5 :white_check_mark:
Fix pacing :white_check_mark:
Add choices :white_check_mark:
Fix code :white_check_mark:
All the other stuff I don’t remember atm :white_check_mark:

So excited :upside_down_face: See you all later. Hugs!


Will there be a sequel to Passenger because I really like your story


Still absolutely loving this. A truly unique story and really engaging characters! Btw, any chance of romancing Velour? He’s lovely! :slight_smile:


Who’s rhe pic of, under your April 2019 comment about taking 84 years to finish? They’re very handsome, whoever they are! :slight_smile:

Because the game has 6 possible epilogues, the end of TP might differ a lot depending on the type of Newman you’re playing and what they chose to do along the way. TP won’t have a sequel, but I’m planning to keep writing (have 2 ideas brewing in the back of my mind) and I made a short game for a contest a while back.

@Douglas_Mckeever no, sorry. The kid only has eyes for Horizon :laughing: