The Passenger is OUT!

Thanks for the corrections :grin: Added them to the beta.

Hey gang, still wrestling with the last epilogue :sweat: will try to have some news for you soon. Hope everyone is doing ok :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope you’re doing okay. I hope the only thing you have to wrestle with is the epilogue. Just lost an acquaintance to suicide 2 days ago so take extra care of your mental health and be extra perceptive of those around you and their struggles


I’m sorry about your friend :confused: Death and everything that comes with it is very stressful and upsetting. Sending lots of hugs your way :slightly_smiling_face:


Hope you are doing ok too! I know for me everything’s been a daze since like March 2020 so always take a break when you need one!


I agree with Frieza, mental and physical health should always take priority, so take as many breaks as you need!

I think we can all understand that life has been hectic in general after all.


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Happy Halloween, gang! I’ve finished the last big scene and I’m thrilled.

Let’s bring back my list:

  • Rewrite scene 1 :white_check_mark:
  • Rewrite scene 2 :white_check_mark:
  • Rewrite scene 3 :white_check_mark:
  • Rewrite scene 4 :white_check_mark:
  • Rewrite scene 5 :white_check_mark:
  • Fix pacing :green_square:
  • Add choices :green_square:
  • Fix code :green_square:
  • All the other stuff I don’t remember atm :green_square:

Those 5 scenes together encompass an epilogue that’s 53k words long, which means that I exceeded the 300k I originally planned for TP (tho I still have to take out a chunk of CH8 so I’m not sure what the final word count will be yet, maybe 340.000?)

See you all later, take care! :grin:


You’re thrilled? I’M thrilled!

But for real, good to see you’re back. I was a bit concerned when I saw the thread was locked for a few days without me realising, but now all is good. As always, goodluck! (and take care too!)


I didn’t realize the thread had been closed :laughing: then one day I come back and I see the little padlock staring at me judgingly :neutral_face:


Damn that’s a good demo…


Hey there, gang :grin: So I finished editing the epilogue and next week I’m tackling the “smaller” tweaks—stuff like getting rid of the paper clip about Livvy’s dad’s death on the prologue and adding that info to the chat with Roach on CH2 because it’s tidier that way, or taking out a chunk of CH8 and rearranging CH9 and CH10 because CH10 is huge in comparison with the previous chapters :sweat_smile:

Also, the pacing :fearful:

Alright, that’s it for now. Take care of yourselves, hugs!


I love this story :slight_smile:


@pimenita You have written one impressive piece, so far.

I’m a fellow Lovecraft and psychological horror fanatic, and this demo was extremely fun.

You have managed to tackle such an intriguing and complex premise with grace, and I have fallen in love with the cast of characters and find myself almost salivating every time we encounter the Hunter. You have established such a masterful prose when these creepy, unsettling scenes happen, and I have yet to fail at being able to perfectly imagine each one playing out in beautiful, grotesque images. I can tell you also love this genre, but you specifically know how to write it.

Roach is indeed bae as hell, as stated earlier, and I found myself so excited when I learned her secret; I cannot wait to see how it plays out into the story. Just don’t be too evil here, yeah? Its not my fault you made the most adorable shapeshifter ever. For now, she’s definitely the only non-family member my MC cares about, and deeply so. Her interactions were all very enjoyable and her personality shined through in them all; in conclusion, you have here an RO as enjoyable as she is interesting, due to her true nature. Great stuff.

One suggestion: I found myself wanting to arm myself after the second Hunter ghoul encounter, and feel it would be worthwhile to do so. I obviously don’t know when are powers start to come back in, but a melee weapon or too or maybe even stuff like setting traps around the compound perimeter would be cool even when we get them.

Also, I really hope we get to remember our eldritch name later on. I have so many from short stories and DnD campaigns I’ve written, I feel that would be a sweet thing to choose just for fun at some point between some crazy ass callsigns, haha.

That is all for now. Cheers! And keep it up!


@Eiwynn thanks and good luck with your project :grin:

@Vexius_Krexius thanks for the nice words :slightly_smiling_face: arming yourself (and why that might not matter when facing Tzr’nekre) comes up on chapter 6 and the other stuff is spoilers :sweat_smile: Newman’s true name is up to the player because I imagine that human minds (and this dimension as a whole) wouldn’t be able to comprehend that sort of maddening information.


Obviously the PC’s true name is the most evil name ever- BOB. IT’s the same backwards and forwards, a true sign of extradimensional evil


Spoilers, @stsword! :angry:


@Vexius_Krexius Please use [ spoiler ] when replying to blurred text :sweat_smile:


Pimenita meant you’re supposed to blur other people’s post if the section you’re quoting was “hidden” due to spoilers. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m really glad to hear that! Good job! Can’t wait to play the full version.