The outbreak [wip]

The outbreak is a zombie survival interactive novel with dating game elements (Build relationship with other survivors, the one that got the most in the end will be the player’s love interest). It is set in the Philippines.


too much zombie games why don’t you try a demon or werewolf game?

tthrow down a link & let us try it :slight_smile:

@hyperguy There’s nothing wrong with having more zombie games. They reach a wide audience and if that’s what the author likes to write then so be it. You can’t tell someone not to write a story about zombies because you think there are to many. What if it turns out to be a master piece but we never knew because people told him not to make it?

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Maby you can make the zombies to mutants. It would still be a bit the same but a but stronger faster and scarier

@wolfiegrey well you do have a point but still if they are the same genre then it would really be boring. Well if he makes it more of a fantasy and bring some magic into it then it would be different

It’s a different setting, will have different equipment, it doesn’t need magic to change it, there are plenty of things that can be done to keep the same genre but change the game

OK i don’t mean magic legit like just make a few changes don’t make the zombies similar to the ones in zombie exodus maybe you have to burn them to kill em or maybe their is this evil demon controlling em or something

And zombie exodus took them from every zombie movie ever made. I’m not continuing this. You have your opinion and I have mine. Let the author make his own work and if you don’t like it don’t play it, simple as that.

On another note @Sandstorm when can we expect a demo up? I saw that you had completed four chapters already.

@WolfieGrey OK i don’t want to seem like a bad guy or something but thats just my opinion k ill prob play the demo still

Uhm…just asking. How can I put a demo out. Do I put it in zip or what? Im such a newbie. Sorry

Put it into Dropbox and then post the link here

Oh okay. I’ll put up a demo by the end of the week. Im still polishing bits and pieces

Erm…what’s a dropbox? Sorry.

Send a message to someone who already has a demo or game out just asking for a detailed walkthrough on how to put a game up.

What’s this? What’s this?

A new game has rised!

What’s this? What’s this?

Play it I might!

It sounds interesting. I’m all for more Zombie Games if they’re games that focus on the human element and building relationships instead of just killing zombies.

And just because there’s Choice of Zombies and Zombie Exodus doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have more zombie games. Go for it and don’t listen to the naysayers.

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I feel like there is more werewolf games than zombie games actually, and your idea already sounds very unique, I encourage it 300% and I looked on the CoG wikia and found this:

Hopefully that helps if it doesn’t or you need help with anything you can always PM me.

This idea… I have relapsed back to when I watched High School of the Dead. Hmm…

The zombie game genre is wide open. Go for it. Plus, you will have a built in audience, since there are other zombie games published here.

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