The Mortal God

In a world of monsters, gods, and magic. You’ve studied magic for 11 years from a wizard who was kicked out from the academy.

Are you truly unable to wield magic like your friends or was it the self-proclaimed wizard who failed to teach you?

Dive into the magical world of ${insert name} and become a mage or perhaps something greater

  • This is just a side project
  • I have no idea which one should I still focus on
  • Romance characters or don’t!
  • Watch your friends shoot fire ball while you just stand there, eyeing them enviously.
  • To be fair, I wasn’t drunk when I wrote this.

Update: Added a few scenes to the prologue



It’s to small to decide btw first


There’s not much to go on but from what you have so far I really enjoy it especially the backstory with Gods had good detailing

I really didn’t expect to like this as much as your main project because it’s really good put simply(and this is a side project) but honestly, I think I might even like this more with a little more content. Also is this based off of Arthurian legends? Because the names Merlin and Eskanore are from Arthurian legends if I am correct (I also like Arthurian legends)… Sorry for the lack of actual bug reports, haven’t found any yet…

So far so good, seems to have a lot of potential, I dunno if you plan to give the MC magic abilities, but if not, maybe you can insert other skills, the basic ones, strength, agility, etc.

Anyway, you do you and best of luck with your work.

It’s nit based off of Athurian legends…I just ran out of names

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lol, not like it really matters, I just wondered …


If you weren’t drunk then it’s probably awful… the only time your writing is good is when your chugging some vodka… okay to be 100% honest… I didn’t even try it yet, but because of the fact that your other game was good because of the fact you were drunk… well I can only imagine that if you were sober when you came up with this idea it won’t be as good as your other game… just my opinion of course.

Could be…could be… lol

The only real option.

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Yer god damn right…:triumph:

It’s short so there’s not much to comment on, but I liked it and see potential!
I’d recommend writing more about the places the story’s happening, tho. I had no idea where the MC was, only that there was a forest and then a tavern.
Well, good luck with your wip!

I hope to see more soon!

It has quality though so it’s not that bad.

I’m confused, are we not going to have magical powers? Like a batman or are we an actual late bloomer?
But I enjoyed this teaser regardless

Don’t abandon Demon plez

I’m not abandoning anything…so don’t worry

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He abandons everything.

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Shi*. Really liked demon but it’s your call i guess…