The Mortal God

Don’t worry this one will be 100x worse, I heard it’ll be 5,000 words of just talking about vodka

Wait he abandon something? Which project?

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Every project… including “project ‘abondon everything’”

It was short, but I did enjoy the characters :+1:

This story has been inside my head for months now…I just had to get this out.


Okay, but still not playing it… cause cough cough oh I’m sick cough cough

Is it possible to make some stats hidden until a point in the story?

Yeah, but I am still uncertain with these stats, so…suggestions are welcome

Yeah…I should probably do that

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Maybe now sense he’s seen your post you should, I don’t know… delete it?

What post :slight_smile:

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I have no idea… it’s like it got erased from my memory… crazy

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It’s good just short

I like the demo so far. Now I can read two storys from a drunken author


I liked it, it’s good and has potential keep up the good work.

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