The Mimicker's Descendant

After a mysterious fire at high school party takes the lives of twelve teens including your best friend James, your parents forcibly enroll you in Elliot Brentwood’s School for the Gifted; the small private boarding school run by your strange grandparents. There you discover that your grandfather has been murdered and that you have inherited his power of mimicry which allows you to copy the powers of anybody that you come into physical contact with. However, this power is both a blessing and a curse and as you seek to unravel the secrets of the past and the truth of the future it has put you and everyone you love in the way of great danger.
Play as a male, female, or non binary character with the freedom to choose your sexuality, appearance, and powers. Develop your character’s personality traits as your interact with the other school inhabitants. Fall in love, make friends- or enemies, and determine the course of your story as you play.

This is my first choice script story so please inform me of any bugs or problems you encounter as you play. Feel free to leave any sort of constructive criticism for me and I will take it into account as I update. Also, please keep in mind this is very much so a work in progress.

Most of all, please enjoy The Mimicker’s Descendant.

My apologies, it seems there was an error with my upload. I’m sorry for anyone who tried to play the game only to see all the weird code. I will try to fix the issue and re upload it soon.

Again I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


While I’m intruiged, I think you did something wrong when uploading the game. I’ve never seen this problem before and I don’t use dropbox so I can’t suggest a solution, but I can suggest using Dashingdon instead. From what I’ve heard it’s a lot easier than dropbox, and from my own personal experience, I think it’s quite handy.

I am interested though, so I’d like to see the problem fixed!

Uh, codes everywhere?

Hi! So I really do like concept of this game as you have described it. However, when I opened the link, I got a long page full of coding and choices. It’s a pretty long page, but I have a couple of screenshots below. (They are different sections of the page that loaded)


Regardless, I like the premise!! It definitely has promise :smile:

this looks like it might be the background choicescript coding odd…
on another note the description of the game, mimicry sounds interesting will you permanently gain the powers you copy or temporarily gain them?

Dropbox can be a problem if you do not compile I would like to suggest,

Ummm… Error 401…

You will permanently gain the powers.

Thank you for the suggestion! I tried to use Dashingdon as you suggested but I am encountering problems uploading there as well. However, I have contacted Dashingdon about the issue and hopefully it will be resolved soon and then I can re upload here. Thanks for the interest.

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Seems interesting I’ll keep an eye on this.

That’s odd.

Can I ask how exactly you’re trying to upload the files? As in, what files you’re trying to upload, and such?

Well I was trying to upload my startup scene and the choicescript stats page onto the upload scenes section of the story on Dashingdon. It loaded to a 100% but then said in a red banner along the top 0 files uploaded. I’m not sure what’s wrong and I really want to get a playable demo up soon.

Have you compiled your game?


Have you run a self-test on it?

It sounds like the game is non-compiled to me - which would cause issues with dropbox.

Well that seems fun,what happen if you do a hand shake though?

That seems quite OP,well I haven’t considered the extent of the MC’s learning capability to control the powers he stole

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The premise seems interesting, waiting for the demo^^

So two questions are powers rare and how good is the copy? Like 100 % forever? Temporary?

Yes they are rare, but are generally passed down in families. They tend to skip generations as well and some families haven’t had powers in many generations. Also they are permanent.

The main characters ability to control the powers they absorb depends on a lot of variables. For the most part the person they absorb them from will try to teach them how to control them, but how quickly they are actually able to successfully control them are dependent on the strength of the power itself as well as the characters magical alignment.

A hand shake would work but the character would have to be actually concentrating on absorbing the power. Also it depends on whether the other person is aware of the absorption. They could try to fight it, but it is rare that they can successfully resist it.

interesting but don’t choice of games or hosted games have enough superhero games unless you add a super villain story

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