The Mimicker's Descendant

It’s not really a superhero story. The powers the characters have are magic, they aren’t really “super powers” per say. Also the character themselves is not at all a super hero though later in the game they have the option to be a hero of sorts. Also the player can choose to be the villian of the sotory if they so choose. It all depends on perspective really.

maybe if i had a version to test i could form a stronger opinion but for now that’s what i feel

if its just an idea without a version that can be tested by other users than you should just work on it and than release it just saying not trying to sound aggressive or anything

No you don’t sound aggressive at all I completely understand what you are saying. I’m actually in the process of trying to create a demo for everyone to access and play as my first two attempts were unsuccessful. My sincerest apologies.


So we could steal a power if they’re not aware of our ability…

But is there any (noticeable or not) effect if we use our (primary) power? E.g : Glowing skin or eyes,if we use it we become light headed (or better yet,they became light headed if exposed to our power),etc. Basically anything that could signify “hey, this person is using their power!”

And finally,is there any drawback(s) from using said power?

I’ve had that happen before. Try logging out then logging back in. That usually fixes it. Otherwise give it an hour or two then come back to it and it’ll probably work.

Also when opening your game to playtest it, clear your cache or just open it in a private window and it should work ok.

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Are you Japanese, OP? So much apologize…

I don’t see the link…

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So I can finally be Peter Petrelli from Heroes! :smile:


Who from the what now???

Did you try to search for it on internet?

You’re welcome. :wink:


Ok got it, but seriously how can I find the link to the demo or aren’t there any?

Please be patient, you will probably know as soon as it is available.

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It is available - so cute. :dolphin: ← because she missed it.


Ok sorry, need to look up the definition of patience someday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This game has really caught my interest so I can’t wait to try the demo when you upload it.

This game sounds intriguing can’t wait for demo

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