The Lost Heir Trilogy

What? Was the ending that amazing? We all know the villain ending is the best ending! Well maybe the monster comes close…

Demon vampire soulburner babies sound fun.


I like the Rune Warrior class. Mine is also a necromancer, so he controls both undead and demons.

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After 3 failures and getting the Puppet ending. I finally got the Hero ending with my Queen Jess and my son Damien and here are my stats, note all the max stats were BEFORE my Demon Transformation. My only peeves though is that ALL of my original companions survived; including the Red Priestess:Petra but she was never mentioned in the epilogue. Neither were my squire Raquel, my Dragon or even my allied Giant.

My greatest accomplishment was winning the Grand Tournament Champion Trophy. With only TWO high weapon stats, blades and archery, Evil shined upon me, all hail Shadi. Though I’m probably gonna retry that run, since I flubbed up the Mermaid mission by trying to raise my 80 something archery on the 4 Crystal guards, thinking it would be high enough to get through it…NOPE. Seriously these stat checks are ridiculous lol. Just stick with your max stat attacks, even though the points gained don’t help you AT ALL. Not sure if helping the Mermaids makes a mention in the epilogue, hope it does since after you helped them, it mentioned maybe after Daria was safe we could work something out with them. If anyone got their help and got the Hero ending, does it mention them in the epilogue?

Edits: When I helped my allies during all of my summons and in the final group battle where it shows your Win Stats/Summary, it should be noted that Petra was not shown there either but everyone else was…

[details=Summary]Damien: Demon King of Daria

Demon traits;
Humanity: 30%

  • glowing demon eyes
  • unnaturally large, well-defined muslces
  • a whip-like demon tail
  • spikes running down your back

Health: 80%

Specialized Training:

  • Squire Levels 2
  • Ranger Levels 1
  • Knight Levels 1
  • Dragon Rider Levels 1
  • Catalyst Levels 1

Morality: 100% EVIL

  • Agility 100%
  • Charm 76%
  • Endurance 100%
  • Perception 66%
  • Strength 100%
  • Willpower 23%


  • Archery 86%
  • Devices 6%
  • Magic 29%
  • Blades 100%
  • Stealth 38%
  • Unarmed 11%


  • Arcane 76%
  • Geography 69%
  • History 88%
  • Nature 88%
  • Religion 62%


  • Jess 100%
  • Karla 91%
  • Thea 100%
  • Brinn 52%
  • Raquel 80% (squire)
  • Petra 100%
  • Dante 100% (little boy from LH2)
  • Poppy 100%
  • Lord Tovor 99%

Your Mount:

  • a mighty dragon named Jade
  • Meeko you monkey companion


  • Citizen Reputation: 100%
  • Citizen Fear 40%


  • dirty pouch on your worn out belt containing 163 gold
  • a tarnished wedding ring on your finger
  • a torn spell book
  • a glowing, rune-covered Enchanted Sword on your belt (+15 Bonus to Blades)
  • a holy symbol secretly devoted to the goddess Shadi hangs around your neck
  • Lacey’s glass marble in your pocket
  • a dagger in your torn sleeve
  • a bow slung over your back

A tattered backpack containing:

  • a pair o black shackles with glowing white runes
  • a cracked lantern
  • a waterskin
  • a flint and steel
  • a hammer and a few iron spikes
  • a flask of holy water
  • torn sleeping roll
  • a children’s book from Zusak’s quarters
  • The Grand Tournament Champion Trophy

You are wearing:

  • you badly torn and ragged clothes
  • the Circlet of Daria rests upon your head
  • the Cape of Shadows on your back (+20 Bonus to Stealth)
  • the bone Necklace of Nature around you neck (+20 Bonus to Nature)
  • the Gem of Seeing in you pocket (+20 Bonus to Perception)
  • Thuja’s Belt of Speed around your waist
  • your family signet ring (+3 bonus to all)[/details]

Quite high ability stats, but then again, to be expected with this classes. They giving nice bonuses.

It will be sad if Red really isn’t mention in epilogue, I yet to play character who lost battle for Tornassa to check.

Can someone tell me how to get the dark knight class? And tell me precisely how to do so? I usually play as a archer unarmed fighter type

A Bug: When Discussing with Jess my son, the choice is: “What kind of woman do you think Gareth will grow up to be?”

2 Typos:

It’s edge zigzags like a lightning bolt, and it’s made of a strange black metal.

Should be

Its edge zigzags like a lightning bolt, and it’s made of a strange black metal.

“Smooth,” Jess. “You made us blunder right onto another creature.”

Should be

“Smooth,” said Jess. “You made us blunder right onto another creature.”

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Be an evil knight you get the choice in two. When you train for knighthood when all the other prestige classes are available.

If you’re an evil knight, and try to train in Ludd, another knight comes to bring you in, if you kill him, you become a dark knight.

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Did you know that in a span of a few days, my review for Lost Heir 3 has became the most popular? By popular, I mean down voted. :3

Seems that people feel you can’t review it after 3 hours of playing. Seems like an odd complaint. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll have to balance it some more on the next update. I know it’s tough, but I thought the challenge was good. I guess people like their games to be a little easier.

Where is the Puppet Ending mostly coming from?

Should I make the hits softer? Currently, it’s 20 health a hit, so you fall on the 5th. Should it be 17 a hit, fall on the 6th?

Or is it the Final Battle? Should I change the numbers needed for a victory?

Is it one of the blunders? Ignoring the pull, talking too long, fighting the mirror demon with regular weapons, jumping through the rift? I thought they were spelled out clearly, should it be clearer yet?

Is it saving the summoner on a particular choice?

I want it challenging, but I don’t like these negative feelings for the game, if it’s just because it’s too hard in one or more of these spots.


The decision between killing K’Girr and going back to your Summoner is what trips me up mostly. And I think that’s an automatic failure, so no matter how fast I finish speaking to Zusak my Summoner ends up dead. Perhaps I’m making an extra mistake there, but it seems like that failstate might be too punishing.

This is just in my opinion, and it may not reflect the opinion of other readers.


IMO it may be the blunders. I know you shouldn’t ignore your summons on the 2nd pull where you gave your stone to another. In my case it was given to Jess my Queen, I lost my Queen that way. If you have max agility, strength, endurance and Blade and a magical sword, even have Thuja’s Belt, you SHOULD be fast, strong and skilled enough to kill K’Gaar before he gets summoned back. Its basically the final blow you miss inside the demon realm due to story reasons. Making the max stats you have kinda meaningless. That would kinda be for an alternate ending or hidden achievement if possible, you foil his plans due to your awesomeness. Then afterward you accept your summoners pull kill the villain and still get the hero ending without your summoner(s) dying if you saved the first via your choices and then killing K’Gaar in the demon realm instead of the real world would spare your 2nd summoner too.


I got the puppet twice due to blunders. Ignoring the pull and fighting K’Girr instead of letting myself be summoned. I think that both blunders are easy traps to fall into.

I’d give two outs from both blunders. One is Otaku_King’s option, where if you’re strong enough to kill K’Girr by brute force, then Zusak’s plan is meaningless. The other is that, if you have high Willpower/are a Demon Master, you should be beyond Zusak’s power to control regardless - it would actually be pretty sweet if you dominated him and got a secret ending. He shoulda read the evil overlord list…


I give so many warnings and double “are you sure?” choices. Should I give a meta-game warning and flat out say, “if you do that, you will lose.” ?

I think the warnings are seen as a bit of a red herring. On my first playthrough, I ignored it, thinking that it was a trap set up by Zuzak, on my second I attempted to try and talk him down. Turns out I couldn’t do that and got them both, I would say it’s mostly just trial and error.

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I understand the warnings, but that should only apply if you don’t have the stats for it and you fail, etc. For example on one play through on the island with the Demon Blade. I saved the Red_ in LH 2 and she was part of our group on the island but went missing and you think she’s dead by the evidence you find in the cannibal camp. When I got the Demon Blade you also have the option of snagging a magical artifact or just taking your Demon Blade and leave. If you don’t have enough endurance if you snag an artifact and aren’t fast enough or have the belt to get away you black out. In which case you keep your artifact BUT you lose your Red_ thinking they were eaten by cannibals.

However if you successfully get away you not only keep your artifact, you also get reunited with the Red_ and they leave with you back home. That is a perfectly acceptable trade off, where in which case your stats/items change how things turn out. Instead of a flat out, you lose because of story reasons.

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I just think it shouldn’t be an auto lose. The first time you go back for someone summoning you it’s Zusak, after all, and he would have a vested interest in keeping you from killing K’Girr.

We, as players, can’t tell the difference between a warning and a trap. It’s not a reliable warning given that there’s two people who can summon us, and one of them is the enemy.

Honestly, I’d eliminate the minefield choices entirely or limit them as much as possible.

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