The Lost Heir Trilogy


I am so excited for the sequel. You don’t even know. Your games have hands down been my favorites of all of the CoG style games, Lucid.


My favourite playthrough was as a mage-assassin. I was pretty darn good at fighting,I remember,except the final fight… Still! :slight_smile:

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My favorite has been a bard-druid playthrough. It gives high charisma, high magic, extra magical options both for being a druid and being a bard, and gives just enough agility to help with squeeking through the final fight.

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I liked Bard-Druid myself as well, but I was sure to train my blades up. Oh and just a hint to everyone who hasn’t beta’d charisma and knowledge stats help in quite a few situations :wink:


Seriously cant wait for LH2 :slightly_smiling:


It’s getting closer! Tackled some icon troubles and got some more COG stuff done. I keep checking Upcoming Choice of Games Releases — 2016 for the release date. So close!


I wish your stories were on Steam. I enjoy what I can of them though, so thank you.

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Me too! Maybe I should start a petition. :wink:

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How can I train as a bard?


Let Amos rescue you at the beginning.

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I’ve actually wondered something. We know how we can consider the MC “rich” in terms of gold, but how much money would a prosperous Kingdom have? Is it in a couple thousand gold? Hundred thousands?


I don’t think any fantasy game/story has a realistic economy when they use gold coins as common currency. :slight_smile: But yes, I imagine that a prosperous kingdom would measure in the hundreds of thousands. :slight_smile:


Haha true. I at least hope my Kingdom won’t be full of paupers and that is all that matters to me.


@Lucid i’m buying your game for the third time, first ios then google play now for chrome… is it ok if i mod some of the files?. ie, stats and uhm names?.. i don’t know how to though on chrome but modding and editing have been part of all of my rpg experiences in console and pc (if possible)… i already have my “perfect run” in my ios with the glitch double romance (that you said you’d remove :frowning:) so i wont try to mod if you won’t allow it… :slightly_smiling:


About that double romance… I experienced it too about a month ago. WELP
Time to make Polygamy legal.

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Modding for your own use seems fine to me. :slightly_smiling:

The double romance will simply treat your most recent romance as “the one”. :slight_smile: And yes, it shouldn’t happen once the update for LH1 goes through… which will happen on the same day as the release of LH2.

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Shoot. I wanted that Polygamy harem route.


Tell them to hurry up damnit, I need this now!


Anything worth having is worth waiting for… hides sign saying We Want It Now


thanks man… eagerly waiting for LH2… ill buy three times too so that i can support you… :+1: