The Lost Heir help


So I’ve played The Lost Heir 1 and 2 several times and have never gotten the ending I want. So I was wondering if anyone could help me successfully unite the kingdom of Daria.

Lost heir 2 hints?
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Make sure food doesn’t run out and have a army size of at least 85%, works for me


We have a guide which gives you great stats for LH2, all you need to do then is play your strengths I’m the second game.


Could you link it or send me this guide you mention? I keep getting an end I don’t want :confused:
Would really appreciate it.


Which ending do you want? If you want as many allies as possible, be a magical person [also either have good stats with Karl/a and Gale [traps] or just fast. Aim the the demon summoning guard, take a hit and get in close if health>50


Just invited you :slight_smile:


Invite me to if you could I want to see all of the endings. Please


Consider it done :smile:


I’ld also like a link to this guide if possible, please?!?


@Nathan_Faxon You might just want to put the link in a post for everyone. Thanks!


T’is a private message unfortunately so I don’t think you can make a topic of it :smile:


Me too please and thank you


Alright then can you send it to me? Thanks


May I get the guide as well?


Can you please give me the guide as well?


Could you please send me the link to the guide as well? Thanks


I was wondering if i could get a link for the guide as well


I know I’m a little late, but can I have the link for the guide as well?


Can I get a link to the guide. Would appreciate it.


Could I Get A Link Or Invite Would Appreciate