The Lost Heir 3: Hero Achievement?

I know TLH3 has only just been released, but I loved the first two volumes so much that I just sped through the game today. Unfortunately, I got The Puppet on my first playthrough, The Monster on my second, and The Martyr on my third. From then on I constantly got these three achievements over and over again, and while I really loved to play the Demon King/Queen part of the story, it gets really boring and frustrating to replay the first half of the game again after a dozen times.

For my stats, my character was an Assassin with Max Blade and high Stealth. My Morality is at 97% Good, and my highest Ability is my Willpower at 60. Highest Knowledge is Nature is at Max, followed by Arcana at 69. My character romanced Gale and had a child. When at the Oracle I took the Demonblade and the sword with runes on it.

Thanks for helping. I’m the kind of person who gets frustrated if I can’t obtain the ending that I want after repeated playthroughs XD

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