Need help getting a specific achievement in lost heir 3.

How do I get the “love is in the air” achievement?

First: all ROs must be alive. That means successfuly defeating last boss in book 1. And surrendring to last boss in book 2 to keep red companion alive.
Second: all ROs must meet their match before your wedding and you need to play matchmaker
Third: your wedding will be the catalyst
here are the pairings:

  1. noble childhood friend → merchant that buys all sails in book 3 (most of the time they dont survive cos you kill the bastard/bitch for inconveniencing you from saving the entire fucking world)
  2. peasant childhood friend → leader of the gang of thieves you meet on the road in book 3
  3. northerner barbarian → captain of the ship in book 3
  4. soul mage → demon summoner that joins you by the end of academy infiltation in book 3
  5. fletcher’s archer kid → envoy of the elves you meet in book 2, but you need to permit them to travel with the elf in book 3
  6. noble guard captain → leader of gypsy caravan you meet after academy infiltration
  7. demon summoner (either of them) → soul mage

so if you’re not romancing J or one of the demon summoners, you’ll get the achiev by the end of your wedding (i think)

didnt know about either of those parts, but to be fair to me, it’s been years since i last played lost heir saga

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Nope, I have gotten the achievement on runs where I have slain the Red. I think everyone in the party as of Book 3 (while you can probably bring forward a depleted party without the perfect victory in Book 1, I prefer not to do it; Lost Heir requires optimization in book 1), including MC, must be paired off with their ROs by the time of the wedding (and MC must go through with the wedding)/tournament. And if you marry J (soulburner) you still get the achievement even though P/S (demon summoner) is single.

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So who do I send to become the red enemy in LH 2? Or does it not matter and it can be whoever?

It really doesn’t matter. Usually I make the childhood friend (G or P. I usually pick G) the Red. Of the two people you send to investigate Zusak in LH1, the one with the lower relationship becomes the Red. The one who had the higher relationship is alive in prison and rescued in Part 2.