The Lost Heir 3: Demon War Bugs and Errors


I have got a bug where my son according to the game is a girl


Can you quote the text for that, please?


I can’t quote exact text because there is too many but I can tell you where it starts happening which is right after you name the child.

" Amos coos and sucks her fingers. The small child has a grand future stretching before him. The legacies that you will pass on to him will shape not only her life, but all of Daria.

“You know, I have a name among the Norgan People,” he says. “I want Amos to be a powerful warrior like my people. He has the blood of the mountains in her veins.”

Your responses to that are both with male pronouns but that’s the last time where your son is actually referred as a boy every time he does come up in text from then is the same as if your child is a girl.


I wish there was an exorcist type class for the trilogy. I know paladin is somewhat close, but a demon hunter/exorcist class would make so much sense.

Maybe a crossbow that uses a combination of devices and archery skill could be a special weapon? :wink:


That looks like the original error that got fixed on the old update. What version are you running?


I have no idea, I’m playing the one that’s on steam if that helps


Interlude.txt. And yes, it’s absolutely still bugged.

Serving an evil deity is a demanding task. One morning, your holy symbol crumbles to dust, and you realize that your ways have distanced yourself from the Unknown. Without a divine benefactor, many powers are lost to you. (Needed 60 Evil)
(Lost Holy Symbol, Lost all Levels in Dark Knight, Priest, and Cleric)

Bolding mine. Did you have that fixed in your version and just not push it to Steam?


This bug fix is still not uploaded, right?


is this a bug?


No, it’s probably a mod.



Yes, I definitely fixed this instance in one of the first updates that should have got sent out in the first week.

Unfortunately, I can’t see updates in Steam, so it may not have got sent. :frowning: That’s frustrating, because I fixed the instant-loss scenarios too. Although I wrote them with very strong warnings, I know that some people skimmed past them and fell into those traps anyway, especially by Ignoring the Summoner. I think the idea that the game is very hard comes from these options, but they should now be gone.

Top Secret Code Just For @Ramidel :

[spoiler]Could you play one more time, but create a new character and name them “LastUpdate”. I should have put something like this in long ago, since it’s hard to tell when an update gets pushed. :slight_smile:

Has Update #3 May 17 gone through on Steam?[/spoiler]


Steam updated #3 for me this morning about 6am pacific time.

Unfortunately Steam’s interface doesn’t keep track of updates unless whoever initiates it from the publisher does so - Steam has the ability to show “Recent News” which is where those that list updates usually do.

Maybe this is something that should be taken up with CoG?


Yes, it would be nice to mention updates in Steam. @RETowers. Are there plans to start using adding a comment to the Steam Updates section?


Works now. Thanks.

On the other hand,

[spoiler]When praying to the Unknown to save me after beating Zusak…

You plummet to the ground and straight into the afterlife. (Needed 50 Evil for Evil Deity)[/spoiler]


That should be kept. the unknown is kind of like like the one ring this way, it can be used by both the good and the evil, but it is evil by nature and will betray you at the worst moment should it deem the time has come. Though it still grants you passage to heaven to join it, as a recognition of your faith.

Edit: And in case you haven’t realized: the martyr ending is technically a good ending as you have succeeded in your life long quest and saved the world. And if there is anything I learned from the ending of Samurai Jack, is that you don’t need a big happy ending at the end of such an epic life quest.


I think we argued about the Unknown before already.


I don’t know if it’s a bug or intended behaviour, but I found strange the conditions required to summon Tyborr when in the Heart.

As far as I can tell there are only 3 ways to unlock this option: passing the 80 willpower check when trying to summon Tyborr during the Interlude, or simply attempting to summon Tyborr all the way back in either the Som’reth ruins or Elmvale during the first game. The former requires a dedicated summoner so being able to summon Tyborr in the Heart looks like a reward for such a character, but any summoner will have achieved the latter already.

Taking a look through Interlude.txt I also see that in the case where the 80 Willpower check is passed the variable demonstone_tyborr_summoned (which determines whether or not we can summon Tyborr in the Heart) is set to true nearly twice in a row. Which makes me guess that maybe one of these was supposed to happen in the case where the willpower check was failed instead.

On another note, in that same scene there’s the line:

“Do not call upon me,” it says again in a sad voice.

For a non-summoner character this is the first opportunity to summon Tyborr, so the again seems out of place.


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When I became a Shadow Weaver, it says that I gained +20 to Stealth, but actually my Stealth remained the same. I think this must be a bug of some kind.


@Lucid if you are an Artificier with the magic sword/bow, you don’t get all the bonuses described in the game:


(Arcana +10, Magic +10, Devices +10, Gained Magical Sword, and +20 Blades Bonus)
*set magic_sword true
*set blades +20
*goto After_Artificer


(Arcana +10, Magic +10, Devices +10, Gained Magical Bow, and +20 Archery Bonus)
*set magic_bow true
*set archery +20
*goto After_Artificer

It is missing the Arcana +10, Magic +10 and Devices +10 bonus.

Another thing. When you train sad Shadow Weaver, it is stated that you gain +20 Stealth, but you actually don’t get this bonus.