The Lost Heir 3: Demon War Bugs and Errors


I brought this up with Lucid weeks ago and it just seem to add so much more character and mystery to the Unknown, who by the way is called the Unknown.


It really doesn’t. It’s not “the Unknowable.” It has a particular schtick that we as players are capable of learning, and it doesn’t “add character” for it to suddenly start acting identically to Noct and Shadi, it reduces its unique character.

Regardless, I repeat that Lucid said that this was a bug and said that he fixed this. So.

Also, Martyr Ending is similarly bugged.


My character is a Rune Warrior, but It doesn’t appear on the stats screen.

Byron, the Demon King of Daria.

Humanity: 65%

  • glowing demon eyes
  • unnaturally large, well-defined muscles
  • sharp demon claws
    Health: 100%
    Bard Levels: 1
    Druid Levels: 2
    Dragon Rider Levels: 1

Good: 100% Evil: 0%


You rush forward and kill the wizard while he’s still working on his spell. Several other pirates come at you, but you manage to deflect their attacks without taking any damage.
(Blades +3 and Health -35 to 65 / 100)

The text says I didn’t take any dmg, but my character took some dmg.


You cast the spell and feel the pressure as one of the merpeople tries to cast a counterspell. Your magic is stronger, and the water freezes solid, incapacitating them and making them all drop their weapons, except for one. The remaining armed mermaid throws her sword at you, and it sinks deeply into your shoulder. You see Lana grab one of the scimitars.
(Health -50 to 50 / 100 and Unarmed +2)

My character used magic, but gained Unarmed.


Wait, how did you get the claws without the demon skin?


I failed to open the window when Poppy destroyed the classroom.

@Lucid another bug:
if (class_seer>=1) #As a Siren, command the leader to accept this task at no charge.
“We will accept this task at no charge,” the leader says, surprising his companions.

Should be siren instead.


@Urban: It helps to tell Lucid where you found the bug.


It is not difficult to use ctrl+f.


I may be wrong, but aren’t most CoGs split into a dozen or so ‘chapters’, meaning that even with ctrl+f, it takes some time as the author has to go through everything bit by bit?


It’s just 6 chapter, I’m pretty sure it will not take a lot of time.


See, telling us it’s in whichever.txt will save the author six pages of ctrl-f-ing.


If you give me a sentence of text, I can find it. Notebook ++ allows me to open all the files at once and search through them all for the words. :slight_smile:


FYI, @Lucid, that party scene is still buggy as it doesn’t properly check if a companion is still in the party or not in certain cases, for example, I out drank Theo/Thea, yet they still show up dancing when I dance with Lacy if I’m romancing them. And for whatever reason, I never seem to get the last one standing achievement despite taking every step to get people to leave


Lacy loses her composure for a moment, which answers your question. She nods quietly, and you feel that some of the festive mood has left the campfire. You wonder if you were the one to have altered fate enough for a coincidence such as this to occur.

That part about altering fate is shown even if you aren’t a Fate Manipulator.


I guess this was the part people were telling you to quote some text for me. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t find this error. Could you tell me what you mean?


Where? Even a worshiper of the Unknown will hear good/evil things here, although you shouldn’t lose your holy symbol for being good.

I looked at interlude.txt and I believe that you also don’t lose your holy symbol as a worshiper of the Unknown.

Is this what you meant?


Here is the latest bug list. Anything else?

Update #3:

  • Gained the Archery +3 during the ship fight
  • Fixed bug, so you can now cheat on your lover with Lacey
  • After killing the smaller demons, they no longer appear again when you are flown up high
  • Fixed 80/85 agility to jump to other ship
  • Seems fresh to feels fresh
  • Jadara’s name was used before you learned it. Fixed
  • fixed grammar of claws for kraken
  • Changed British manouverability to American maneuverability
  • Clarified what the Demonblade was drawn from
  • Removed the damage taken during Reaver fight with blades when it says no damage is taken
  • Removed one of the double brights for GillGale’s eyes
  • Fixed 2 “Who all” to “Who else”
  • Needed 3 levels in 3, fixed. “in Monk”
  • Level 2 paladins now also get healed before final fight
  • Drunk TheoThea really leaves the party now
  • Rangers of level 2 and more can now find tracks during kidnapping
  • Level 2 and higher Sages find the book, even when searching randomly
  • Levels in Rune Warrior now show up on stats screen
  • Gained magic (not Unarmed) when fighting mer with magic
  • Use Siren ability for free tracking (not seer)
  • Comment with Lacey only for the Luck Mage now
  • Removed another chance to Ignore the Pull


But that is not an error, the guys asked me how I got the claws, I just answered him.


I see. :slight_smile: I got the other error, seer/siren error, fixed for this update. :slight_smile: