The Lightless Soil (WIP)


You step, tentative, from groaning ladder to black sand. This is the deepest place you have known.

A creature lurches forward, eye-to-eye. It has a human face with white eyes and six – eight? – twelve? spiny legs which extend like twisted spears. It speaks, clear as bells:

“You will never reach the river.”

The light from your headlamp shudders and fades.

The Lightless Soil is a race against time to perform a rescue at the gates of Death.

The main statistic it tracks is Sanity.

There is a magic system. You must balance benefit of a spell against your decaying mind.

If you like elevator pitches, it is essentially Call of Cthulhu mechanics done in a Gaiman-esque universe.

There’s no demo yet – some major mechanics need tweaking – but I thought people might like to see the opening. (Or rather, dfabulich coaxed me into it indirectly. Don’t ask.)


Sounds awesome! (+ 20 characters )


I agree even better if we talk to dead/almost dead people. (+20 EXP)


I don’t usually post, but you had me at Cthulhu! I can’t wait to see more. Even based on the snippet above I’m sure this had some great potential.


This game sounds different , eagerly awaiting for the demo


I don’t know maybe. It is different but the question is will you actually make the game or quit 2/3 of the way through I’ll watch the progress. Also which underworld? Have you written with choicescript before? Edit: also have you been a lurker because people don’t usually post a game in their second hour of being a member.


I have lurked on this forum for about two years. I never had a reason to post before.

Normally I write at my blog at That’s been around since 2005.

I have written things in Inform (both 6 and 7) and Hugo but never Choicescript.


Hmmmm i’m intrigued. This idea sounds very unique. Good luck :slight_smile: