The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Remake in the Works)


I’m back! Finished that other project I was working on. Here it is if you want to see. So, guess I should start work on Swift. Yey! :grin:


Looking forward to seeing Swift!

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Will this be released soon because I have literal ants :ant: in my pants :jeans:In excitement! Congrats on being a CS comp finalist I could never do that!
Too lazy :smile:

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good job at being a finalist.

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Thank you so much! I’m super happy to be a finalist, especially since there was so much incredible competition. As for when it’ll be released, I will have to submit the game to the Hosted Games label, and before that, I need to do the artwork for the cover art. So… However much time it takes me to get the cover art done, plus several months while the game is being reviewed (I think it’s usually about 5 or 6 months, but it might be a bit longer since, now that the competition is over, there will probably be several competition entries being submitted to the Hosted Games label, so there might be a really long queue of games before my own… And that’s if I decide not to make any edits to the game (I am very tempted, but I’m worried that making edits to the game will set me back several more months, possibly even a year or so, so… Yeah, I’ll just get the artwork done for now.) :yum:


Just before I start work on Swift, I decided to do a full body pic of Hotshot, in case I need it for portrait images. Nice shiny shoes. :blush:



Looking good! Looking forward to seeing Swift!


Just finished the outline for Swift, and in my very humble (and biased) opinion, he looks A-Freakin’-Dorable! Somehow he ended up being a cross between Peter Pan and Ed from Cowboy Bebop… But meh, I’ll go with it. Now to colour. :grin:


might as well make the skin tone similar to ed’s. Also both ed and swift have goggles and are barefoot.

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Oh that’s awesome! Shelooks almost exactly like I imagined her.

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@lokidemon007 You might want to change the pronoun (careful, it’s a spoiler for the game)


Do u have a potential release date for the game


I saw the game at the very end of the upcoming hosted games post. It probably won’t be till the end of the year.

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Not at all, I’m afraid. I have to finish the artwork before I can even submit the game. (And that’ if I don’t decide to make any edits to the game before I submit it.)

You did? Uhh… I’m pretty sure this game isn’t even on the list. :confused:


Coulda sworn I saw it. That’s really weird… oh well.

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I think you’re thinking of The Price of Freedom.

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That might be it. :grin:


Up that’s it, same author and stuff.


Really liked this can’t wait for it’s full release.


Please don’t! Let us play this game!