The Last Level (WIP, short demo)


Finally made a short demo of my game. Please try it and tell me what you think! I’m sure there’s a few things that need to be worked out, so if you see something that’s off please tell me, even if it’s just a typo or something that might make the game better.

I haven’t decided how long it’s going to be yet, but I do know that this is just the beginning!

Game description:

The game I’m working on is called ‘The Last Level’ (the title may or may not be changed later). In the game, you play as a troubled, teen-aged video game addict. When your mom cancels the WiFi, you venture outside your house to find connection to the internet, and while your computer does connect to the internet, it connects to something else as well.

The main character finds themselves inexplicably able to control a small robot remotely from their computer. The robot was built by a young child who is trapped in a strange place, all alone, and has no memory from before they woke up in that place. The child trusts you and will do whatever you ask of them, but you can only communicate through body language, as the robot has no way of speaking. Through the game you must guide him/her through a strange, empty building, solve the mystery of what happened here and get him/her home safely. Meanwhile, when the robot runs out of battery every so often and has to be plugged in for a while, you must live in the real world, do research to find out more about the child’s situation and convince your mom to get the WiFi back again.

The player will have the option not only to specify their own gender and name, but also the gender and age of the child, and even give him/her a nick name if they choose to do so.

Thank you for reading!

Also, I wasn’t sure if I needed to make a new thread or use the old one I’d had for the game. Therefore my old thread post is accidentally a duplicate of this one, sorry!

Icarus Sun (WIP - Update December 27, 2016)

Hi, just started playing and this error came up when picking the robots gender.

The game’s coding seems to be a little scrambled up somewhere.
Hope this helps.

It also continues to do this every time the child/robot talks


Okay, it should be fixed now. I’d had that problem earlier, but I must have forgotten to fix it. Thanks for pointing that out!


No problem, happy to of helped!

Just checked it out and everything seems good now. :smiley:
I’ll restart playing and make sure whichever gender you pick is correct all the way through. :smile:


The game looks great. I found the 1st person/2nd person shifts a nice way of differentiating the characters’ PoVs. Other than a couple of typos (listed below), I couldn’t see any problems.
Is it all supposed to take place at 7pm, though? Do libraries and museums even stay open that late?

In the control room:

a plethora of screens, non of which are on.

Should read “none of which are on.”

In the library, just after:

Do you need us to call your parents.

Should end with a question mark.

Back to the child:

I had the suspcion that you would even protect me

Should be “suspicion”.


They were playing a trashy destined hero sci fi/fantasy action title?

I was kind of hoping for a character with taste that would play one of those comedy online RPGs or one of those more RP focused online RPGs where you can throw a party in an attempt to remove “scandal” from your character sheet.

You have a nice drama going for the kid at least.


My local library is open until 9 most days, but it turns out the museums close much earlier. I’ll probably change that later. Thanks for pointing that and the typos out, it was really helpful!


The MC needs to be able to expertly maneuver a robot through a (later) dangerous environment. I figured action/adventure games would help with this, honing their reflexes. Besides this, the ideas of the ‘end of the world’ and ‘being a hero’ come into play in later dialogue.

I do see your point though, I may edit that part in the future because I rushed through it, but it so far it doesn’t have much bearing on the story so I’ll worry about that later if I decide to.


There was this great comedy action RPG that flowed like a beat-em-up arcade game. Too bad they closed it down.
Adventures had a player cap of 4 but the town was full blown online multiplayer.

They basically only charged for fancy looking gear that didn’t mess the balance up and pets that they probably added in desperation so maybe they didn’t have enough players paying?

With the décor it had going I only played in the autumn months anyway. Maybe our hero could play something like that?


Shows how often I’ve been in a library…

I should say that this is one of the most interesting WiP concepts I’ve seen on this site; I hope it goes well.


I hope at the end of the game, it get less depressing


That was very interesting.


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