The Kingdom — Child of the war (Concept)


I have this idea about a dystopian story. It is about a country that after years of civil war caused by a criminal organization called the Ark Corporation. This organization controls a corrupt government under the table and although profit from trafficking in drugs and weapons, their main source of income comes from illegal fights transmitted worldwide.
The MC is the child of two members of a resistance against the government, its parents were cruelly murdered in front of it on Christmas Eve of the year 2034.
I already have almost some directions that history can follow but my main difficulty is to use ChoiceScript (I’m very bad with html, css and stuff). And a differential of this story is that I intend to translate into two languages: English and Portuguese.
I wanted to speak what they think of the theme, to be bilingual and can give some tips on ChoiceScript.


This may help, and if I’ve miss read what you are asking sorry :sweat_smile:.

I hope the link has worked, if not screw me :smile:. But there are forums all about choice script which can help you all you have to do is search for them but good idea nonetheless :smile:.


Yeay :laughing:
I’ll put a lot of attention on choicescript, thank you so much @moonwalkerdragon


I honestly hope you can play as a Male



Two parts male, one part female?

The body of a male, the brain of a male, the soul of a female~?


Lmao, it’s a self discovery thing.

But sounds interesting, would we be leading the revolution or just members of it?


hahahahahaha sorry guys, I’m little nervous about this :sweat_smile:
But you’ll be able to play as male, female or genderfluid.

@ToxicDreams at first the MC just want revenge for everything that happened but as the time pass by it starts to get close to leading the rebels, or not (depend on your choices).


No worries. I was just joking a bit because there are WIPs that end up with that sometimes. A character or the MC will have gender fluidity to a different one from the one that was picked.

No need to be nervous! The people here are supportive and generally love the people who take the time to make a gamebook as its a bit more difficult having to write code.

Hmm… The story makes me think of a rebel Batman in a corporate world.

“The CEO.” Slams vice president’s head into desk. WHERE IS (S)HE?!
Vice president points at the person who slammed their head into their desk. “There.”


This seems like an interesting concept and I can’t wait to see how it develops!


Actually the CEO from Ark Corporation is a big figure in Kingdom, maybe I’ll use your idea someday :joy:


Genderfluid or genderqueer? Or nb? If genderfluid, do our genders go between the binary or are they or some outside the binary?


I had never thought of using the Genderqueer, but it’s also a good idea. As for the genderfluid can go totally out of the ordinary binary, as it gives a greater variety to players.


I’m a basic doubt want to play this game with the widest variety of genres. But I have some difficulty in finding the right pronouns for genderqueer and genderfluid. Do you have any idea?