ChoiceScript Full Tutorial (finished!)

The *fake_choice page claims that you can’t use any *if or *selectable_if options in the selection lines. But in fact you can; it works exactly like a *choice block, except that you can’t nest *choice or *fake_choices, or use any terminal commands (*finish, *goto, *goto_scene, etc), within a *fake_choice. Of course, this last restriction is because game flow simply falls out of the *fake_choice to the next line.

Specifically, for both types of *choices:

  1. *if statements must get their own line, with their corresponding #option indented one level over below them;
  2. *selectable_if, *hide_reuse, and *disable_reuse modifier flags must appear on the same line as their corresponding #option; and
  3. *if statements’ tests don’t need to be enclosed in parentheses (but they can be), whereas *selectable_ifs’ must be enclosed in parentheses. Even if it’s just *selectable_if varname or *selectable_if not (varname), it needs to be *selectable_if (varname) or *selectable_if (not (varname)) instead.