So I am thinking of making a choice script where you basically go through life. Modern day. With plot conflicts and such like a murder, a gang, an invasions etc. You will be able to own property and buy things.

This is all kinda just a very basic idea right now. So thoughts, comments, ideas?


Do you mean like Alter Ego?..


Well not quite. Less choices to begin. And I was think of throwing some fantasy aspects in as well. But being able to control normal life. Idk its all just a idea floating around in the head


I see I have a challenger. haha, gl on the concept, if you want any help, I’ll gladly share some of the aspects of the life sim I’m currently making. :stuck_out_tongue:


well i was about to make something similar but after i was done my 1rst game. i am prob not a great of a writer as you but i know the basics. How much of the credit will i get?


Will it have weird stuff thrown in, like a government spy or maybe a scientist attempting to experiment on you? That could be fun…


Yeah I was thinking something like that. I do not want it to be to boring. I just wanted something where you have control over your origins, “normal life” and the fun stuff


Oooooh! This could be interesting…


How complex are you willing to make this? The more possibilities the more awesome (and the more work)
I like the idea though.
Would the decisions be more renowned (ie start a revolution) or simple but important (ie marry Betty)


Renowned and Simple. And you are right it will be very complex. With a lot of “story time” writing for everything

However the Prologue should be fairly simple.

Here is what I want to cover in the Prologue:

  1. Birth - This would cover names and parents. Who they were and what kind of life you are being born into
  2. Skills - Cover what you did growing up and stuff. Were you bullied? or were you the bully?
    3)Story paths - Not sure what they will be I’m still determining

Anything else I should but in there?