The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



if I’ve learned anything about relationships from being married for 5 years it’s that it’s all about compromise and communication. In this case I’m assuming this is a serious relationship. Serious relationships require work. You have to work through it and try to find a compromise. Why does the fiancé who’s leaving feel they are “giving up their life.” Is it a school program or a job? Why can’t I go with them? If my fiancé had a “my way or the highway” attitude in this case, then I’d say I was probably marrying the wrong person.


Since that would mean we’re engaged, I’d be really hurt - probably get into an argument of some sort, if attempting compromise didn’t work - but in the end I’d let them go. My honest answer is something like that would probably make me really down and out for a while; definitely not an easy split.

In the end, if they’re really adamant, I agree with @cascat07 - engaged to the wrong person…


UPDATE - IT’S (all but) DONE!

Aside from personal requests from the beta testers and and last-minute bugs, the game is now complete! I am going to allow a bit more time to make last minute changes but I’ve already updated The Race to include an advertisement for this game and the files for that are all ready to be sent to CoG for updating.I will send them with this game when the time is right.

Now, what next? I said I’d take a break from this for a short while as I work on another story, but do you know what? Today I started work on the sequel! The Kepler Colony: Journey(s) is going ahead!

Here’s the link to the sequel:


Thanks for your interest! The game was submitted for publishing. It takes a while so expect to see it out in the new year. I’ll post here when that happens, as well as shouting high and far everywhere I can.


Make sure you use a megaphone on a water tower so I can hear you. :innocent:


We are getting closer - All being good we will release around March 8th.

A massive hurdle was overcome today and the publication should speed along from now on.


Congrats on your second HG, Andy. :smiley: I’m eagerly awaiting its release.


its sweet knowing everyone is March-ing along to the finish date…:sweat_smile:
Congratulations on your newest game.
listens to David bowie’s space oddity im ready


Another step forward today, with Hosted Games review completed and feedback changes made. We are close, people!


The game is complete.
Revisions were long done.
Formalities long completed.
The contract long since signed and electronic copies received.
The physical copy of the contract is now in Dan’s hands!

Expect good news soon…


Damn this is great. We’ve got a wave of great titles coming and this is one those I’m most excited about. Now that you’re done with part 1 what do you plan to do? If I’m not wrong I remember you wanted to get on something else before getting back to part 2?


I’m already working on part two :slight_smile:


Best news i read today :smile:
And good lucky and work! Very anxious here for it :grin:


Slightly off-topic but highly relevant:

Please read, have your say, then download and give the omnibus 5 stars anyway.


Seven years ago today, I discovered the CoG forum. While producing just two games in seven years is a slow return, it’s been a fun ride so far!


Phew! What a hectic few days! I’ve been unable to log in due to a Twitter login problem. I’ve finally fixed it - just in time it seems!

So… the big news we’ve all been waiting for:

The Kepler Colony: Evacuation will be released on April 30th!

The wait is over and soon you will be able to play the finished game!
Stay tuned for more information.


The game will be out soon. In the meantime:

Pre-Release Poll One:

So the world is going to be destroyed. There is also a way out aboard an interstellar spaceship. What do you do?

  • Do anything and everything to try and get a seat on the spaceship.
  • Do everything legally possible to get on the ship.
  • Let fate do it’s thing.
  • Resign myself to certain death and make the most of the last few days.

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Lets Party!!! I will bring the vodka and food.

Before it said that it was releasing April 19th but it later was change to ‘this’. I waited the whole day checking the playstore


Am not gonna lie, I did too :joy::joy::blush::blush:


I’d try to get on the ship or in the bunker but if my genetics would hurt mankind down the road I would try to make the deepest nuclear bunker I could make and hope for the best. And if those don’t work party till the end of the world