The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



In reality, there are 1000’s of potential planets that have been found that could be life-sustaining.
In the game in year 2, further advances rule out all of those planets apart from Kepler 62e. Kepler 62e becomes the only found planet with a sustainable habitation for life. (This is mentioned in the news section).

Edit: I can easily add the chance to name the new planet (1200 years on a spaceship should be plenty of time!), but that choice can’t be reflected in the name of the game. At least until a name is decided upon, Kepler would be the common term.


I’m swaying towards Kepler Colony with a subtitle… perhaps as simple as Kepler Colony: Evacuation.

I’m still open for more suggestions and definitely more votes!


‘Kepler Colony’, at least for me, would imply that I would be at some sort of colony during some point in the game…I could picture being disappointed that the game is not, in fact, about evacuating a colony, if I weren’t already familiar with your concept and storyline. Maybe I’m being over-literal, though.

Evacuation Earth is a current book title. From the description:

As the comet draws nearer, the ‘Inner Circle’ makes their final plans for Earth’s survivors. The secret can no longer be kept and when it’s announced, the world is threatened with chaos…

The seeds of discord are sown in several arks, which face serious threats before the comet arrives…

I tend to be very careful with Googling possible titles, ever since I read about Technicolor London’s title change…in a nutshell, they were contacted by a lawyer on behalf of Technicolor and asked to change their brand and title because it was conflicting with the search results for the company’s London branch (though everyone seems to have been very nice about it, which was good to see).


Well Evacuation Earth is off the list right there! Not only would the title be the same, but the plot sounds eerily similar.

I’m heavily swayed towards Kepler Colony now.
I suppose instead of Colony we could change the word to Colonists.

The Kepler Colonists: Evacuation of Earth

Yet at 41 characters, that would need trimming.
So for titles under 30 characters…
Final Poll:

Which name should we go with?

  • The Kepler Colony: Evacuation
  • Kepler Colonists: Evacuation
  • The Kepler Colonists: Earth

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Well it’s kinda late but may I suggest these titles
And then inside the book you unfold the full name at page one

This book
CK62: The Evacuation

The next book
CK62: The Survival
CK62:The Colony


We have a winner…


Beta testing is now into a third week with lots of changes already having been made and many more to do. Progress is going very well and the Beta Testers are doing an excellent job. The original 2 week schedule was a little premature but the game is going to be all the better for it! At current estimates, I reckon I can have the game completed by 8th October.

The total word count is currently at 154,635 and shouldn’t rise much more.


Tbh I think most of us never cared about the time it will take for the game to be done. Quality is alway better than an early release.


The game has had a fair few more changes added and I’m continuing to tinker. Word count is now over 165,000. Certain beta testers have been meticulous in their detailed reports giving me excellent feedback to work from.

I am caught between two minds over my next project:

A. A light-hearted RPG with zombies and magic.
B. The Kepler Colony: Journey - the direct sequel to Evacuation.

What does the community think? Change the scene for a refresh or straight on with the sequel?

  • Zombies and magic? sign me up!
  • KeplerColony: Journey - I need to know what happens next!

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This depends on you - if you continue the Kepler series, will you experience burnout? I personally would be in danger of experiencing it… on the other hand, each of us get recharged in our creativity in different ways… whichever you chose, I am sure you’ll be successful in pursuing.


Must i play inception for playing évacuation?

Thanks you !


No, you can jump in here. Actually, Inception (renamed to Paradox) will now be a prequel to this game. There will be 4 games in total, all of which can be played as independent games or in order to form a long story.


Hmmm, I’m torn between the two. You’re a great writer, but neighbourhood necromancer is just perfect, so for me you’d have to make it unique enough that it didn’t remind me of that if you get me? But zombies and magic does sound good, but for me it’d all depend on what approach you take to it. When I first read that I thought of a game set in ye olde times, like an elder scrolls oblivion setting, that’d certainly set it apart from neighbourhood necromancer, and indeed all COG zombie games that I’m aware of. But obviously as long as we get a sequel I can wait if it means we get another great game in the mean time :slight_smile: .


This is exactly what I’m planning!


And, you’re a great writer so I’m sure I’d enjoy whatever you choose to write next, but I’d be really interested in the zombie fantasy story, not only because I love fantasy but also because it’s a genre you haven’t dove into yet.


The poll is heavily bent towards continuing the saga. I think what I will do is build the engine for the fantasy game first as that shouldn’t take too long. Then I’ll head full speed into Journey. That way, when I return to the fantasy game, it won’t be a half-finished story incompatible with new ideas, but a template ready to work on. Also, it will be good to have a break from space for a while.



So you have been engaged for 10 months when your spouse-to-be drops the bombshell that they can’t give up there life for you as they don’t want to be tied down, and they are in fact leaving to live in another country. How do you react?

I have a few possible answers but I’d like to cover as many real emotions and scenarios as possible.


My answer would depend if I loved them or not. If the engagement was only an engagement in name only, I’d react one way, and if the engagement was one of love, I’d react in another way.

In the end, either way, I’d end up supporting their decision and forgiving them any transgressions, real or perceived.


Bitter but realizing that the alternative is living with someone who would do this.


Accept, yes, because I ultimately must, forgive that is a thornier issue if I really did love or even badly desire them. After all they did manage to string me along for 10 months with the prospect of marriage in that case. In some cases forgetting and moving on would be way easier than forgiving.
Either way I’d mostly be angry at myself for having been taken for a complete and utter fool and lament my poor judge of character. Though like @Eiwynn said the intensity and exact nature of those feelings would differ depending on what kind of relationship it was before.
What wouldn’t change though is that they managed to con me and take me for a fool, so the anger at myself would always remain to some extent.