The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)

This is the Thread for The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (Formerly known as Colonising Kepler 62e: Evacuation). This is one of four games being produced by @Samuel_H_Young (Trial of the Demon Hunter) and myself (The Race).

The prequel to this game will be written by Samuel, but is currently on hold. For more about Sam’s game, click here


It is the year 2090. An asteroid is discovered on a collision course with the Earth. Efforts to stop it are futile and the only chance for the survival of the human race is to evacuate the planet.

You are the head of a task force with one mission: Create a spaceship capable and large enough to traverse the stars to the only confirmed hospitable planet discovered: Kepler 62e.

  • Play as YOUR nation with the game adaptable to over 40 nations
  • Develop new technologies and use them to improve your spaceship
  • Manage your budget Should you put money into tech, building, the public sector or security?
  • Tackle moral dilemmas Who should be saved? Who will you leave to die?
  • Deal with terrorists Some people will do anything to ensure their own survival
  • Trade with other nations also scrambling to build their own spaceships


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I was wondering what happened to the other half of this game. Personally, I enjoyed it more.

I’m so excited for this. :smiley: Not to say I don’t enjoy Inception but Evacuation is my thing.

They split it into two different threads. The other one is called inception.


taken from the original thread: isn’t there a way to convince beatrice to get on board with the MC? Or at least (after you find out that she has talked with your mother) spend time with her before the asteroid hits? She is such a good character and how do you get the violet romance option? never in the game have I met a violet.

@MasterChief117John Violet is a character from Colonising Kepler 62e: Inception. The achievement dates back to when both games were playable in the same demo. Nevertheless, thanks for pointing it out to me. I will remove it from the Evacuation files.

As for Beatrice, she can be a stubborn girl. You also have to bear in mind her age: she knows the future is for others. There is no way to convince her otherwise.

Unless… It is still a WIP… If enough people wanted her on the ship…

@Jaxx @Beezlebub, thanks for the support! If you like Evacuation, just wait for part three! But that’s for another day :slight_smile:

I’m really excited to see this game completed. I will say, however, that you should include some sort of cast list. I found that my greatest challenge in deciding who to give my tickets to was not picking the people whose skills would be most useful, or deciding who I liked best, but remembering what everyone’s job was. Something to remind the player of who’s who would definitely be an asset. Maybe just add each person’s profession next to their name on the choice for the tickets?


That’s a great idea, @Bosoncat. I’ll do that!

Please post news and your thougts on potential directions for the game to take.

The next update wil be out ‘soon’. It’s a large update but has proved tricky to write as it means adding some new features to the rest of the game. You can already buy the engineers and scientists but it’s not fully implemented yet, particularly the scientists.

The update will be worth the wait though!

Where is the game heading? There are clues in whats available now and more if you read Inception. Even though the game is a trilogy it will feel like 4 parts as the journey through space is a story of its own.

We haven’t written a word for the final part yet but we gave a loose plot. All I can reveal is that it will play like Evacuation with very different dilemmas to overcome.

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Ah shite that likely means that we’re going to get to Kepler only to find out that an asteroid is going to hit the planet in the near future. Oh the tragedy

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I wanted to say that i really like the game but i haven’t played it since you split the threads and now when i tried the link it showed me restricted content something about a millennium copyright problem?

Is this the dropbox problem some wips have had lately?

Hmm… This is news to me. Let me look into it and see what I can do.

Edit: I need to update choicescript as that should fix it. Most likely solved in a few hours when I can get to a PC.

@andymwhy Sorry to bother you but the link is still down. Once you update choicescript I believe you have to post a new link. Again sorry if you are already aware of this.

Odd, should be working now. Okay, I’ll check tonight. Thanks!

Ah, I didn’t change the link! Here’s the new one, fully up to date.

i would like to ask for cheats, ironically enought unlike many gamebooks here the cheats could actually serve experimentation purpose, not to mention putting Unlimited money cheat wouldnt be soo hard.

Another think is that i would prefer is instead of 50% you simply name the ammount of money, essentialy instead of 50% you get 200 Bilions,

BTW sorry for pushing for cheats(i know many people dislike this) but unlike the other choice games where it would be hard to implement cheats and would be essentially meaningless, here i think it would add tremendous possibility to experimantation,with just bit of additional work (essentially, money cheat and nothing else would be enought)
Still just my optinion and i fully respect that for example you may take no cheats allowed policy,althrought i believe developer should simply set up the game and let the Players roam free.

And sorry for my grammar. It is a full of Eels, Mein Hovercraft.

The problem with a money cheat, you wouldn’t have to choose what to build as you could do it all. Of course I have been known to include cheats in the past in games (Blackraven has a multitude of codes that you are given one of upon completion: ranging from stat boost and money to rare trading cards).

While we’re still in the demo stage I won’t add a money cheat, but it’s possible down the line that it could be included as a reward for completing the game.

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Hey andy I’m not really understanding the intended use of the engineers and scientists. I know it explains it in the game but after buying the max amount at the beginning and not doing that it didn’t really seem to affect my gameplay.

@CaesarCzech there is currently a way to get more money, simply place 10% in public services for the first 15 years. Then Whenever a riot occurs and the screen tells you what % of taxes were collected go to the stat screen and then return. The page will reload and have a different result. Repeat until no riot occurs. Likewise invest 400 million in weapons and when Damian calls refresh the page via the stat screen until you get a positive result - I normally get 1000 billion or so by doing that - so 600 million profit…

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