Consolidated Collaboration Discussion Thread

You are right, @Fiogan.

Our project was originally billed as a community game, the plan being to have multiple writers with a couple of key writers. Unfortunately, all of the volunteers disappeared apart from Sam and myself. We have plodded on (with major input from MaraJade) and are now deep into two parts of a trilogy of games. The threads are:

A few words on this: I had the initial idea for the game 5 or so years ago. When it came time to gather a crew for writing, I had a structure already in place. The idea was a large story (one writer), followed by a branching section which could have multiple writers. We then used google drive to create a large document with all the ideas, making a more clear structure for the game. This, along with in-forum messages, helped us get started with the writing. We are now at a point where we both know the story well enough to be able to work independently on two separate parts. Both parts have large playable demos in the links above (which will be updated soonish).

In terms of payments, despite Sam writing the whole of part one and me writing the whole of part two, we will split the revenue 50:50. It’s a joint project so that makes the most sense.

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