CK62e Poll Question: You can save only one

The world is going to end and you have to decide which one of these 10 people gets to survive on a large interstellar spaceship to another planet. Who would you save and why?

  • Andy Gherkin, male, 37, teacher, has a son, writes for a hobby, suffers from asthma
  • Iain Stanley, male, 21, student of mathematics, heavy drinker, cybernetic eye, long-term girlfriend
  • Richard Press, male, 40, yoga instructor, transgender, gun owner, not married
  • Christopher Tyler, male, 45, accounting assistant, hobby: historic photographs, no children, mild
  • Roger Thompson, male, 61, school inspector, puzzle enthusiast, two grandchildren, coffee drinker
  • Carol Thompson, female, 31, personnel manager, engaged, charismatic, likes to talk
  • Pete Dormer, male, 22, student of history, agitated, passionate about history, coffee drinker
  • Reena Mandagaar, female, 29, catalogue manager, outgoing, has a pet cat, not married
  • Kiran Capp, male, 18, plumbing apprentice, cycling enthusiast, ambidextrous, muscular
  • Arun Orkins, male, 34, writer, loves to travel, part-time photographer, not married

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(This question is a small part of Colonising Kepler 62e: Evacuation)

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