The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



Party till shortly before the end of the world. Hope they legalize or at least look the other way when it comes to suicide pills, cause I wouldn’t actually want to experience the impact.


Oooh! Spin-off sequel idea:

The Kepler Colony: Those Left Behind

A look at the few people who survived the asteroid impact and their struggles thereafter.
I’ll lock that thought away for a distant rainy day…


I chose that I would do anything legal to get on the ship, not because I care about the law, but because I wouldn’t want to do anything and everything to get on the ship. There’s no point in surviving if you have to sacrifice your morals, at least for me. :slight_smile:


Didn’t vote as my answer is a bit different…I’d probably do everything I could legally to get on the shuttle, because I’d probably get caught breaking the law. Though a part of me would want to sabotage the shuttle. When humans reach the new planet they’ll just pull the same shit as before. Pollute the planet, exterminate and/or subjjigate any native life forms, kill each other due to being a different religion/race/looking different etc. One can’t help but wonder if the nice thing to do would be to stop the virus of humanity spreading more than it already has.


Btw, I can’t remember if I said this before, but I love the new title! It’s more intuitive.


First poll results: Two-Thirds of you would not accept death without trying. The majority of those would do anything, legal or otherwise, to survive.

Time for another poll! This one is a little tougher…

Pre-Release Poll Two:

A childhood friend of yours confides in you that she has been granted a ticket on the spaceship. She is single, only 26 years old, yet unable to have children of her own. You, meanwhile, have a 3 year old daughter. You have no ticket. How do you react to this information?

  • Congratulate my friend and curse my luck.
  • My friend must die so my daughter can live.
  • My friend must die so I can live.
  • Offer everything I can in order to buy the ticket from my friend.
  • Ask my friend to ‘do the right thing’ and give the ticket to my daughter.

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If she doesn’t give a three year old baby the ticket then she deserves to die in my judgement. You’ve had a life let the baby have one too


I don’t think she does owe the child anything. Sure it would be nice if she gave her the ticket, but I don’t think she has a moral obligation to do so. Again I don’t think any option fits me. I’d probably cry/become even more depressed as their living would only remind me more of my own mortality…Same reason I don’t check facebook profiles of anyone except family and people I’m super close too, it’d just make me feel even more depressed that they’re all married, have children etc.

I’d probably after that just give my friend a disingenuous(sp) congrats. I wouldn’t be happy for them. sSounds mean but I couldn’t experience their happiness, I’d be dead. Hell for all I know they might meet someone on the shuttle who might attack them, or they might love it. It just feels unfulfilling(sp) to be happy about something that I can’t experience or have any knowledge about.


Convince my friend not to board the space ship and stay on earth with the rest of us instead , because Earth build spaceship had a tendency of blowing up the moment it took off … she has a better chance to survive on earth…


Not everything that’s moral is legal.

Not everything that’s legal is moral.

Just keep that in mind.


That’s very true. I say it all the time. Breaking animals out of farms is right but illegal. Slavery was wrong but legal.

But that wasn’t what I was saying. I was saying that I wouldn’t do anything to stay alive. Therefore, I chose the other option.


Everyone avoided the psychopathic answer in the last question. Well done!

Pre-Release Poll Three:

Thanks to knowing someone in the right place, you find yourself in possession of two tickets aboard the spaceship. With no family of your own, who do you give the ticket to?

  • My best friend, even if they would be considered ‘old’ on the spaceship.
  • My new friend, even if they would have to leave their young child behind.
  • An attractive stranger.
  • A young stranger (child).
  • Someone else (explain below)

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I totally agree… the finest example is the legend of Robin Hood, rob from the rich and give those riches to the poor, morally correct but illegal …

In this case, we can rob those tickets from the rich people , then give them to the weak and helpless :wink:

However, how are we going to ensure those weak and helpless can survive on their own in another planet? are we simply sending them to their doom by performing good deeds ? :slight_smile:


Loving these polls, very thought provoking :slight_smile: . Ok I’m guessing by two you mean one ticket for you and another for someone else?(like in the game if I’m remembering correctly). So on that basis my best friend. Assuming we’re on a habitation ship it’d be nice to have someone to be with, especially as I’m socially awquard, and due to mental health issues struggle to make and keep friendships. On a cryo ship, well I’d hope we keep in contact when we arrive on the new planet.

Going on the other assumption that you mean two tickets plus one for yourself(which I don’t think you do), but more to explain my second choice, well for my second choice I’d pick…hmmm…I’m tempted to say a down and out, someone life has taken a giant shit on. Someone with a disability, a working class American(recently watched the documentary “sicko” …yeah no offense, really glad I’m not American) etc. But well if you can’t tell :stuck_out_tongue: I have no faith in humanity what so ever, am a total misanthrope and don’t really trust people. So I’d expect the other people to bully the down and out person to the point they commit suicide or at least become severely depressed.

I could send an animal, they’re much nicer than most humans, but same issue as above, potentially even more so…So yeah thinking about it I’ve changed my mind. For my choice if I can send one person, or my first choice if I can take two people(for the other spot I’d just pick anyone I think, someone average who wont get bullied, but who doesn’t come across as nasty either, the sort of person you think of when you think of average) would be someone capable of sabotaging the shuttle. I wouldn’t want the people on board to suffer, but the thought of people spreading, killing alien life forms and treating each other like shit just like on Earth only on another planet disgusts me. So someone who could sabotage the shuttle so it wont reach the planet but just travels in space until it runs out of fuel, or empty the fuel/makes sure there isn’t enough. That way the people on board can live out their lives without suffering, but without spreading too.

Edit: Hmm but if I took an average person then I definitely couldn’t be friends with them :stuck_out_tongue: . And my best friend is from a minority and disabled…Ok I’ve changed my mind again :stuck_out_tongue: . My best friend would be my second choice, not the average person. But I would show no mercy to anyone who gave them crap(as they were at least on one occasion attacked in real life,most likely due to their ethnicity as they come from an area with a lot of racial tension).


Someone that I consider otherwise deserving and a potential major contributor to society but who wasn’t selected due to relative obscurity. This would probably be an intellectual and/or talented acquaintance/coworker that I respect.


Sorry, this has been bothering me because I’m petty, haha. I was actually trying to cover that base in the first place, which is why I said that I didn’t care about the law and my decision would be based upon my own morals.


I’d give both tickets to my friend so he could take his daughter


Perfect! That’s the out-of-the-box altruism humanity needs! A shame you won’t be surviving…


I’ll be fine. I’m just going to hide in this fridge here. If Indie can survive a nuke in one of these then I’m sure I can survive a meteor :joy:


@andymwhy I’ve wanted this game on my phone ever since I first tested it for ya, and its finally releasing! All I can say is, congratulations man, this game deserves to be a huge hit, and wow, can I not wait for more from you!