The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



Thank you for the kind words. That’s the sort of praise that all writers love to hear. It gives the motivation to keep writing, so thank you again!


Nice idea :wink: :grin:


Over half of you chose to give the ticket to your best friend. That makes sense as it’s a person you know well, regardless of their age.

Pre-Release Poll Four:

The spaceship has gone. The asteroid is coming. How do you plan to spend your final 24 hours alive (bearing in mind that the world is already falling into anarchy).

  • A quick and painless suicide.
  • A day with alcohol. Lots of it.
  • A party at my place!
  • Find a quiet place to pray.
  • Find a scenic spot to watch the greatest show on Earth.
  • Spend the time with my family.
  • Go on a killing spree.
  • Find the safest spot I could - any chance of survival is better than none.

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I’d spend the time with my close friends or family, then travel to a spot in my home village that holds some significance to me(probably my brother’s grave) and wait for the end. There’s no point trying to survive. Even if you survive then what? Any life you could live after the asteroid wouldn’t be worth living. I probably would commit suicide, but do so right before the asteroid hits. I live in the UK so don’t have access to a gun, and most methods of suicide are painful, so probably overdose on sleeping tablets.


Killing spree ala ‘purge’, but I will choose another one.


I chose find the safest spot I could. It would be my own personal choice in reality as well. Depending on how long I knew about it, I would probably even have ideas of where to go (or have actually built myself a survival bunker complete with grow lights and a personal garden, plus a battery bank to power the grow lights, and an exercise bicycle to charge the batteries each day - I plan on being able to ride that thing for 18 hours straight by the time I think it’s safe enough to leave the shelter)

Of course, being American… I also have a large assortment of weapons at my disposal. Though, I am one of the not as crazy of the crazy gun people, honest!


I really want to see the meteor crash onto earth because that would be cool as heck to see but my only thing is I don’t think I would survive long enough to see it in its entirety


Pre-Release Part Five:

This part contains a puzzle. Feel free to post theories. Once you find the correct answer, you will know it, 100%. You may post the answer, but please add spoiler tags.

It is 2091. You are a reporter for a small online news blog, always looking for a big story. There are rumours that the government are putting a lot of money into a secret project and you are desperate for a scoop. One day while scouring the latest news for possible leads you come across this advertisement sent to you anonymously.

Courtesy of our friends in high places,

Our mattresses are guaranteed to give you -
No stress while you sleep !
Tactile and soft.
Antique style or modern.
Comfortable above everything else.

Today only: 30% sale!

Crimson, Violet or Turquoise,
Here, the choice is yours!
Let your heart rule your head for once.

“Other mattresses don’t compare.”

  • Emma Featherbed
    • Made at Home Furniture CEO

All mattresses come with a 30 day guarantee.
No fun? No problem.
Kinetic cleaning service provided with every purchase.
In case of tears, contact our repair department.

NOW 30% OFF - While stocks last!

010 3313 3079

What catches your eye about this piece?


The code at the end
Repair departments don’t exsist for mattresses, I think
Kinetic cleaning? What type of cleaning is that, suspicious

Haven’t seen many of these in real lifeso can’t tell anything else


Friends in high places is suspicious. The code at the end too but I feel like the number 30 might have something to do with the puzzle somehow.


I know part of the answer!

The beginning of every word spells something! Contact but I don’t know the other part! Contact + the number at the bottom?


It also spells Chloe and Mankind without the d


It could be a name in the story? Contact Chloe Mankin?


Contact Chloe Mankin - 010 3313 3079

Now I must call this Chloe using that number and say hi :wink:


Contact twice & 010 3313 3079 wich leads to the highlighted bulletin name Emma
Your ank pin is the number.
Edit: oops Chloe mankin…missed that Chloe didn’t register as a name to me
It’s a override request for info to contact her to skip the cover place.


Well done to those who spotted it! The hidden message is ‘Contact Chloe Mankin’

Pre-Release Part Six:

Who is Chloe Mankin? You make a quick search for Chloe Mankin and this news piece pops up:

'Disgraced scientist Chloe Mankin has disappeared.’

The former scientist who once worked under the world-renowned Professor Withers has disappeared from her home. Chloe’s name was recently disgraced when it emerged that her deceased father was an illegal Cyberntics Dealer. Speculation suggests that she fled with her vast fortune before authorities could reclaim her illegally gained finances. No one knows her present whereabouts.

You look around the office with a feeling of paranoia. Not sure where to start, you call the number on the mattress advert. An automated message starts, advertising mattresses. You are about to give up when the ad stops and a gruff voice speaks.

“Contact confirmed. Meeting location coming now.”

They end the call and you receive another Anonymous advertisement:

Swim? We see wet DNA!
Get this:
-Emu Fun Run Day!
-Up A Far Creek!
Villa Costat, 28 Sheep Farm

Where and when is the meeting?


I think I found it…

Meet at Sunny Park at 8 PM



That was a fast catch.


For some reason the release date has been changed. I’m as much in the dark as the rest of you on this, but the new release date is May 8th. I guess I will have to expand the Pre-Release section a bit further!


It’s a conspiracy!

I was excited because I would have been able to play it right after my last final… now I have to suffer a few more days :frowning_face: