The Kaliegoss Saga (WIP) Updated 02/06/2020

Like tabletop fantasy games?
I’ve got you covered!

TKS is a story that focuses very heavily on politics. I say this so you don’t walk in blind and are derailed when you’re bombarded with political turmoil. Read at your own discretion :slight_smile:

Kaliegoss is a sprawling country filled with a plethora of races, from elves to koshka, from goliaths to minotaurs. With the newly elected prime minister being the first non-human to hold the title, Kaliegoss is thrown into political turmoil.

You’re just a small town citizen, thrown into the mess.

-Play as twelve different races
-Male, female, or non-binary
-Gay, straight, bi, pan, or ace with seven ROs of varying genders, races, and sexualities

The first two and a half chapters are complete as of right now.
Chapter three is about 50% complete, and will be updated when I finish it.

-fixed typos
-added more pronouns for enby players
-added dialogue throughout different scenes
-added option to dance with friend platonically
-added option to support neither the queen or prime minister
-the first part of the branch to support the queen

Average playthrough is about 9k words

Demo Link


*There be spoilers ahead! Characters that are blurred have not been introduced, so read at your risk.
A happy, go lucky cambion, they are just trying to make it this messed up world by showing kindness and love to everyone.
Is whatever gender you are, Laughter is female, Bliss is male, and Hope is non-binary.

Queen Alissia Trevain
The queen of Kaliegoss, and mother to the heir.
She is ambitious, and power hungry. Tensions between the queen and the prime minister have been high since Adlar was elected.
Not romancable

Prime Minister Adlar
The first non-human prime minister of Kaliegoss. He’s an elf with a dream. Adlar tries his hardest to keep the tension between himself and the queen low, but time will tell if it works.
Not romancable.

The Heir
The heir to the Kaliegoss throne and child of Queen Alissia. They want nothing more than the age-old feud to end, and Kaliegoss be at political peace.
Is the opposite of whatever gender you are, Rovelli for male, and Rovella for female.

General Caivral
The general of Kaliegoss’ army. He’s a well-mannered nephilim with enough charm to woo a demon lord. He supports the queen, but wants political peace no matter what it takes.

Captain Quaf
The fallen pirate king. Quaf is an avharen pirate with a troubled past. They can be found drinking away their problems in the tavern, and missing their prized ship.

The skilled assassin. Vosk is a speculo that isn’t afraid to kill, so don’t get on her bad side. She is shy and generally mistrusting, but a friend to those who earn it.

The queen’s magical advisor. She is a hot-tempered fire elementi. Trained in magic since birth, she worked her way up to the most coveted position of any wizard.

A veteran of war. He fought for his homeland in the east, and died valiantly. The goliath’s strength didn’t go unnoticed, and once the war was over, his body was used for science. His soul was transferred into a robot’s body, and upon awakening, he went on a rampage. To escape prosecution, he fled to Kaliegoss, where he vowed he’d never participate in another battle.

Send me constructive criticism
Any typos you find
Bug errors
Continuity errors
Or any suggestions you might have

Hope you all enjoy~


Hi love the story, good luck with the future writing :wink:.

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Hmm, I was expecting a medieval fantasy setting.

Some nitpicks: I don’t think not sharing sandwich should give a heavy Evil standing whatsoever? Evil would be something like taking their lunch for us, or absolutely refusing to share food when asked – which isn’t the case since the freshman doesn’t seem to forgot theirs. But all in all, I feel like it’d be the best if we got the option to directly assign our own alignment without all the mailbox/lunch scene, which each person can have their own subjective interpretation.


Interesting story, can’t wait for more. One suggestion: can there be a race glossary in the Stats? Or adding an option to change the race if we picked wrong and avoid restart the game from the beginning.


Having just read through the DnD 5e Player’s Handbook, to roll a few new characters, this feels really familiar. :laughing:

Just to be clear, you are keeping to the Open Gaming Content, right?

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So I’m a fan and I can’t wait to see what you put up next but I do have a few things I noticed in the game.

  • I am familiar with a few of the races mentioned but don’t know a lot in-depth. It’d be nice to be able to have the option to select and read about the race/clan before making a final selection. I saw that this was mentioned in another post as well.
  • Misspelled ceiling, I think it’s in the hotel after the show
  • Is that where the end of your current work? I keep getting the loading bar when I hit next once I put my headphones in
    And just a general question, are some options not going to be available based off your chosen character’s traits/origins?
    Anyways, thank so much for writing this! I can’t wait to see what you have coming up next. I’m always a fan of fantasy and I’ve wanted to get into DnD forever but can never find the time to join a club at school…alright, thanks again! Looking forward for the next update!
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@Maria_Douglas Thank you!

@Szaal I’ve always found the medieval setting a little over done and wanted to add a modern twist to my story. I’m sorry if that puts you off from the story though

I’ll tweek the evil/good lawful/chaotic scene to make that better

@Vashnik Editing that right now!

@The_Lady_Luck Yes! If I have to tweek certain things to keep within that (race or creature names, etc, etc), I’m going to. I’m hoping that once this is finished to get it published on Hosted Games

@dusktodawn The ending of this part is you and Bliss/Laughter/Hope going to bed after watching the musical

Some choices will be closed off depending on what race, gender, or alignment you choose at the beginning


Looking forward to the next update.

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Sometimes the button freezes and I cannot continue. The premise seems interesting but I can’t get far enough to see more without it freezing up ^^’


If you dont like the medieval fantasy setting then i suggest you change the tag to „low fantasy“ to avoid confusion :slightly_smiling_face:

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It freezes because that is the end of the demo. The game don’t know what to do as there’s no more content to display.

@Nadin2011 lo-fan usually still implies medieval-fantasy, though. I feel this one is more suited to modern-fantasy.


Didn’t know that was tag, fixed that

What I have read so far, looks good, I do look forward to seeing more, I like laughter, I think she will will be an interesting companion.

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@Zenobrighter laughter has been really fun to write. I’ve developed a huge love for them

Unmasqueraded urban fantasy always gets my attention. I like this a lot.


Great game so far! Keep up the awesome work. I look forward to reading more!

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I like the idea, but wouldn’t it make more sense to base this on starfinder rather than pathfinder (assuming that’s what this is based on)? Because a lot of stuff about pathfinder is inherently medieval/fantasy. Take the professions (classes) for instance: town guard, thieves guild, barbarians fighting in the army? The title, culture, and everything associated with ‘Barbarian’ is, essentially dead in this day and age. The same applies to several others. Idk, maybe I’m being super nitpicky but to me the pathfinder elements stuck out like a sore thumb in this setting. I should probably say that I’m playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker at the same time as I’m writing this, so maybe I’m just ‘In the Zone’.


(I based this on DnD, which has no future setting game associated with it)
But I did have the same thoughts on how certain things would fit into the world. I actually scrapped five classes that MC could be (Druid, monk, paladin, sorcerer, and warlock) because I felt they didn’t fit.

But then I started thinking about my world, and why these things did and didn’t fit.

Yes, Kaliegoss is in a present day setting, but ultimately I came to the conclusion that, while not in the medieval days anymore, this society still has elements that reflect it. Examples:
They still have a town guard instead of police force

Taverns are still what citizens call their clubs or bars

Some classes, like barbarians ,rangers or fighters. are still a thing because certain jobs require the skills those classes grant

And instead of guns, people have stuck with bows, swords and daggers. (This was mainly me just not wanting guns in my story)

Sorry for the long response, just wanted to give some insight to how Kaliegoss works


Gotcha. I assumed this was pathfinder because I haven’t heard of tieflings anywhere else. Maybe I’m just not very well read. Regardless thank for allowing me to potentially de-rail your game just to indulge my curiosity.

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You’re welcome, and I appreciate you bringing it up. It was something I had to think about within my world, and you brought up fair points.

Thank you for allowing me to explain myself as well :slight_smile:

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