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The Warnings read at times as if they belong into a stoty with completely different mechanics.


im upset that i don’t get to romance starsoar because of the plot. and no mention of anything afterward as far as i can tell :slightly_frowning_face:

i also really dont like that wintry, who was one of my favorite characters before she backstabbed the underdogs, is suddenly ani-racist, and that if you choose to say that you want to educate her on the matter later, it’s never brought up again…

also also also also what’s even the point of spending more money on the features when you can easily tell what to do at the time that it’d be offered?


The reaction to Wintry is iirc a fake choice with no stat changes either


that really sucks :sob:. i just want my icy mother to get redemption from the ugly little plot twist that was her team switch.


But who’d be the evil prejudiced strawman then now that jury is gone and griffin might not be around anymore either???

Snark aside and on the note of griffin:
What is it with HR and despicable, often in-universally detested/buttmonkey characters being named after cameo contest winners?

Afaik the actual Griffin (well the artist) was not informed what kind of character would get the name. (Look up the actual Griffin, pretty awesome fan char)
And I somehow doubt that miss macdonald (megaflora) was either.
What the heck.


sergi actually did that? my best guess was that he already had the characters written, and slapped on the cameo winners names. he could’ve done it with some many other characters though…

now that i think about it, most of the characters introduced in HR and THP series are villains i’m p sure

completely off-topic from the rest of that, when i first saw about redemption season i was excited because i thought it was just going to be a season of the hero project. no external stories interfering with the game and you could actually determine the results of who was voted out along the way and see if you ended up in the the american protectorate at the end. i bought OS for closure and barely got any of that.

Here's a link about the artist being asked about it by fans

And oh boy, that would have been neat. Hell, even uncovering yet another (small) conspiracy would have been ok, but please no more ‘you are another hyper special chosen one’ sigh


Personally consider Versus one of the worst of the “big league” CoG/HG titles, but a lot of people seem to love it


Versus is one of the crown achievements of choice games, with great writing, interesting and original ideas and engaging story.


I got half way through with book one and stopped. It was just way too confusing and I didn’t understand what was happening after a point. I found myself not enjoying it so I think I ended up getting SLAMMED to read that day instead.


See; that was stupid.

You literally can choose the same approach you do with StarSoar like full on physical brawler, and you will save Ignite.

To tell players to ‘switch it up’ is not only a mistake and misleading for a priced product, it ends up killing someone that players otherwise would’ve normally saved had they followed their gut instinct of ‘doing what they’re skilled at.’


Jeeze. I mean you don’t need to write someone’s OC into the game, but do the courtesy of not making them the ‘asshole’ character.

Same with MegaFlora, who was needling Culic. Not sure if the artist wanted to shag Terrorist mosquito man. ;p

That said; I think that if RS was a two-parter that focused not on external politics to the degree it had, but just the Hero Project as a whole? Maybe the final mission being you fight with American Protectorate, conspiracy or not, and depending on your actions/results you end up on the team? Would’ve been much sweeter than what we got.

Hell; we could’ve gotten a similar plot, exclude the big ‘representation’ choir preaching; and the Voiceless could’ve been fascinating if explored more, Noc and the Primals could’ve represented a very interesting group; include Cray as a heroic representative, and Noc as an Infini-powered gang-leader. Could have one of the two be a surrogate father-like figure or someone we butt heads with, given our Ani-PC doesn’t have parents. (If we still go with them.)

Ani-Cides being the start; to maybe some drastic events. Do the Voiceless assault the Fringes with their immense powers and a cult-following? What does Outlet do to MeChips or communications or eletric/plasma weaponry? Does he turn on all those left-over Pool Killers at the Artillery warehouse to do his bidding? Does he shut down security systems, life-support systems of Ani-powered individuals, spread his group’s message across any section of the web he can? Does Reduct go around breaking down buildings, serving as distractions? Does Less drain the emotion from key figures? Other heroes? Could they betray you? Could you be turned into one of the Voiceless; but then regain your emotional balance and connect with Less? What about The Voice; and his radicalism, extermination of pests? How far can he go with being a murderous bastard when his empathy is severed and he can’t make rational decisions and is fueled by a hang-up of death in his family? Do you try to bring him back from the brink? Do you even want to?

It’s honestly super disappointing to see how the Voiceless got hyped up and then got pretty much put on the bench post-Chapter 1 in OS. Their power-set really was potent and offered opportunities, especially if they got super-serious. No telling what a really focused group of Infinis with their powerset could’ve done.


So, does anybody else feel really bad for our original MC’s? I feel like they just get crap thrown at them all the time. This is at least how it went for my MC’s for the most part. First our parents are taken from us, then we get crapped on by the Mayor/future president, our sidekick betrays us, I have to give up the Hero Project for Jenny’s investigation, we get vilified by the media and the government, get declared a criminal, I couldn’t save Prodigals mom, fall in love with Prodigal despite knowing she’s going to die, Jenny gets shot, parents finally get saved, then Prodigal dies, sadness ensues because I won’t be whole without Prodigal (I know I’m messed up) and it all ends with us being sent to the Hell that is Versus. We just can’t seem to get a break no matter what. (It might be a bit out of order. Its been a while since I played through the original trilogy)


Oh definitely. Both MCs are sad in their own way.

Ring-MC has to deal with the loss of their parents, the failures of their heroic outtings, a ‘choose who lives or dies’ decision, their traitor sidekick with the Sparrow not even being a real person, that their first night of being a hero ends up with their suit covered in human ash and a priceless relic destroyed with blame laying on them, their political enemy knowing their identity, trying to figure out relationships with a myriad of individuals who are extremely complicated and mostly ‘damaged’ save for Lucky and Jenny, make enemies with high-tier individuals, hold the responsibility of the Death Wall Prodigal projects and the subsequent demises, the worries on the Infini-powers, learning their idol Rebellion wants them depowered, having to team up with Prodigal good or bad, enters a high-stress game show filled with politics that undermines their motives and romances and friends who try to pull the MC to complying with their wishes, from Jenny telling you to drop out, to Black Magic or Lucky not looking at you the same way, and escaping the police and going up against the President of the US, the damage to Penny, the Pump-offer, the comatose Black Magic or Lucky, so on. Then Rebellion dies; and the PC also sees Fistfull die, and the fight against Infintium is raging on. Prodigal too can be rather tricky if you romance’em.

Then we go to the next MC

Ani-MC has to deal with shady dealings in their environment with a mob boss who could be stringing them along for a revenge plot, has a crippling power that can leave him wheelchair bound some days, a young disabled sister who has episodic pains and was nearly killed by her own powers, was an orphan who had to fend for themselves, without any cultural icons to look up toward. Then they enter the Hero Project with their partner, but learn he’s hearing voices in his head, that they might have to sell him out in order to save their sister from their degenerative condition, have the added politics of the representation they stand for as a unique individual for their repressed society normally viewed as thugs, witness the murder of other Ani-powered individuals in hate-crimes that shake them to the core, get a foreboding premonition that Miss Boss must fall, goes up nearly alone against a terrorist cell, can nearly lose their life and might fully blame themselves for Miss Boss’ condition, have an internal stigma inside that’s either hate for themselves, or hate toward others who don’t act like ‘conventional’, ends up having to stop a war between the InfraCircle and the Voiceless, has to choose whether to fight Magnuspiral for the show, or abandon the show and let an Ani-powered nation be born, watch JK go off into danger, lead a mission in a warehouse that could end up with someone fatally injured, learn about about Infini-powers and their family’s legacy and relations, and deal with the Infini-mission and being the last vanguard between survival and destruction.

Writing can be an absolute slog at times; but I do like the situations you end up in, if not ‘why’ you end up in them.


I never romanced Jenny but even when I romance Lucky she gets put into a coma. Not very Lucky


Well no, I meant that Lucky/Black Magic get into a coma depending on who is voted out or not.

And Jenny either dies; or barely survives depending on your relationship with her in HeroFall.

Regardless of how you treat Jenny in the prior novels you can boost her relationship from death levels to survival, or vice versa.


I know. It was a bad joke…sorry. It’s just that every character I romanced has a problem: Prodigal dies, Jury leaves you, Black Magic is a murderer, and Lucky goes into a coma I just want something good to happen to my MC dang it!:sob:


Was Black Magic a murderer? I don’t know if he ever killed anyone, so much as siphoned their life-energy, and mainly excess from nearby people who were disabled and unable to live conventionally normal lives.

Also Lucky doesn’t have to go into a coma. ;p That’s a determinant. Whoever stays in the competition, Black Magic or Lucky is either put into a coma by you or the Crush.


I thought that Black Magic eventually killed them by using up their life energy but I could be wrong. And it’s just that every time I romanced Lucky she ended up in a coma. I wasn’t even aware you could prevent that until you told me. Now I guess I’ll have to try again :slightly_smiling_face:


Black Magic-wise; he makes it very clear he tries not to harm anyone. Even going as far as providing the best he can to the people he’s had transported to his ‘life-empowerment lair’. Which given he’s a MG member, might be better than they could afford. And if he did kill anyone, I think it was by accident early on in his career. If you date him during the Hero Project he can tell you all about it.

Meanwhile Lucky will still like/love you, even if you vote him out, so long as you don’t kick out Jenny.