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It’s still pretty messed up how Black Magic gets her powers. Plus she wound up going all super villain on me when I kicked her off the hero project so that didn’t really help my opinion of her.


Oh def. But Black Magic’s life was kinda hard.

They worked with Madame Vice in some sort of prostitution ring (keep in mind his stellar looks means he was probably used a lot), and then had all that life-energy spell from working a second job at a Hospital. They tried being a hero at first ‘The Spell’ but once they realized what they could do with the power of life-force, they became Black Magic.

Then their secret is revealed on national TV, and if they’re voted off the Hero Project, then all their chances of redemption are cut short, they evidently got manipulated into being a jerkass on the Hero Project by a producer named Mara as well who agitated everyone for drama. Then they’re kicked out of the Millennial Group. Think he was an orphan as well?

And their own personal wants are clear again and again. To be taken care of, wanting to love someone, trust someone, be close. But their views on love are obviously extremely skewed. I mean, Black Magic’s first romantic tryst with you is pretending he’s in danger and having sex, while giving you an extremely expensive gift.

Coming from a probably poor background, and also living a life where sex weekly was probably the norm, the way he expresses affection is kind of sad.

So yeah he breaks down. Can be more a danger than good, but really depends on how far your PC feels like giving Black Magic a bone.


Yeah it’s pretty awful what happened to them. I still prefer my sweet, sweet Prodigal romance though. Even though it doesn’t end very well…


Heey. Prodigal comes back. ;p


Yeah that was pretty sweet. She was definitely my favorite character. Despite her flaws she was still in my opinion a good person. Well not good but not really bad. I mean not really neutral but not evil? You know what I mean. :laughing:


I understand that you like hey, but she was a very bad person. She is a straight up villain.


In Book 1, yeah.

In Book 3 and Book 5, not so much. More a Chaotic Good.


I don’t read the fifth book, but what she does in Herofall doesn’t negate in any way what she did in prodigy.


I mean her life was straight up awful. I know it’s not an excuse or anything but somebody raised like she was is going to have some serious problems. Add to that her power set and you have a recipe for disaster. And she at least tries to redeem herself in the end. I just don’t see her as being purposefully evil or evil just for the sake of being evil. It’s just what would happen if you have an extremely disturbed person the ability to materialize weapons out of thin air. I feel more sorry for her than anything. I’m not trying to absolve her of anything I just kind of get the reasoning behind why she does these things.


PG got flanderized so much she’s… eesh…


At least she has a bit more depth and story than a lot of the newer characters. Even Redemption Season Prodigal is a bit more interesting than some of the one dimensional poster children for oppression we get in the newer books.


Eh. People’s opinions on Prodigal and the very series vary. One person here would die on their hill that Prodigal is a horribly handled character. Another would argue heavily that despite the immense amount of Superhero stuff in Redemption and Open Season; that neither book was about them.

You ain’t gonna change opinions when they’re so staunchly rooted. ;p



But yeah, pg was more interesting, but then again that’s not hard giving the competition :/.

In the end she’s sadly just as checklisty as other chars.


In regards to Prodigal.

She was dying, and was semi-forced into an alliance into the MC because of her illness, and also engineered the two of them going off together. Then the reporter gave her a dose of lucidity in regards to her own action, a retrospection of how tattered her own thought process was. Prodigal’s own mind surprised her by being so rife and dangerous and volatile to begin with, when she was self-assured it wouldn’t be. And the full-results of such are undefined.

So with two life-changing events, and also NEEDING the PC due to being on death’s doorstep, even if there were some discrepancies with Prodigal, I can forgive it, given how ragged, worn down she is (She doesn’t bathe or look after herself during the Hero Project), and so on. And how multiple times throughout HeroFall she’s ill, ailing, and pale, breathing heavy, her condition is definitely hitting her hard, holding an impact. Even with the events of Open Season, she was still going to die.

I can see where someone might get annoyed at ‘She says Chicken too much now!’ but ‘your mileage may vary.’ is fitting there.

Edit: Also add in her Mother being alive, as a third life-altering event, somehow forgot that.


And concept of the sympathetic villain is not new… but yeah I agree that she did too much bad stuff and not enough good stuff to count as morally gray. A sad past and minimal effort to not kill thousands (but murder on the “small scale” is still basically fine) is not the same as a redemption arc.


Especially when said “sad past” is pretty standard without much change.

Sure, one could argue there is nothing new under the sun, but with PG…
Her story is self-contradicting.
HR makes her out to be too hyper intelligent, yet… we are meant to believe she didnt see through Victon’s scheme?
Not notice how this one particular place feels off due to several factors?
And please no one give me the “she’s crazy”. From hr2 on what we get about her doesnt add up.
Like try talking to fumble and StageShow at the start. You’ll learn that apparently PG is a big name villain for years?
Unlike the unknown villain she was in HR1?


“So sorry to bother you. Someone mentioned that you fought Prodigal before she was a big deal, back in the day. My mistake.”

“Oh, hey! You’re that (hero-name) rookie,” Fumble says, clapping a hand on your shoulder. “We watched that crazy lady’s video like ten times.”

“We never fought Prodigal, but that cray cray seemed certifiable,” Stage Show adds, holding out her hand for an introduction.

[The option was basically to ‘Jog their memory of Prodigal to make yourself seem important’. So it’s most likely a white lie in order to remind them you’re ‘that guy’. Also not a BIG NAME VILLAIN. Please don’t purport things that aren’t true.]


My mistake.
But in either case she’s made out to be much bigger than she should be.

Or rather, bigger than what is good for the character.
It’s the old ‘a hero is only as good as their villains’ and in HR the villains are… unbeatable. The always have an ace up their sleeve, always got a back up plan, if your actions were not part of their big master plan to begin with.

It’s frankly boring.
If there is no way to best them, why fight?

Now, in some cases this can work, but that does require thorough planning and world/characterbuilding, both things HR is unfortunately lacking as of now.


Could you explain what you mean by ‘unbeatable’?

Cause far as I’m concerned, outside of Prodigal who we ended up not HAVING to beat, because her character shifted, I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at?

Is it the railroading aspect of the narrative of ‘this person is going to stay in until the plot is done with them’ bit?

Or is it something else? Cause when the time comes, the majority are defeated, reformed, or cast off.


It’s how you can not give her any comeuppance if you don’t like her.
The game railroads you into liking/agreeing with her at bottom line. She’s made out to always have had a back-up plan (most recently the chipsonality thing).

There’s IIRC a line in the third game (after the mindspider) where she claims she doesn’t need us and thus we have no leverage against her to demand any info. And the game goes to have the character go ‘yeah she’s right’ when she’s not.

Or evn before that, we are constantly railroaded in going along with her whims.

Granted, the character kinda lacking common sense because the plot demands it IS something consistent.

Sure, YMMV but having a villain I can’t have to fight without an actual chance of winning against them just cause the plot tells me I can’t apply common sense… /shrug
(Then again, lbr, in OS itself, one has to wonder why we can’t just use our infini atomkinesis to just, y’know… obliberate stuff like the missile… or infinitum…)

Prodigal is (as are culic etc) part of a common comic book problem, though (so it sorta is in line with comic books):

The limited amount of villains.
However, comics like Batman, Spiderman etc are decades old, so having villains presumed defeated return isn’t that much a problem (unless them returning screws over a damn good plot connected with it, but, yeah, ymmv)

HR should not actually have that problem. Yet is suffers from the limited cast and the plot behind the only driving force behind itself.