The Hero of Kendrickstone: Rescue a city held hostage by an evil wizard!


That may simply be because lore skills in general have less interesting and impactful effects on the game world than the main stats. Mostly, they just provide boosts to things you can already do, like stealing more valuable things and gaining more information at points. Which are things that magic lores can do, in addition to some other useful applications here and there.

I feel like this conversation about standalone magic lores has mostly exhausted itself, although it certainly was interesting. Good talk, Estel_Edain.


Hope that in third installment we could get wild puppy (choice to kill, or let go razorclaw puppies in first installment was too little to me)


Found a typo in killing puppies scene, during razorclaw mission.
“…You rise your STAFF” pops out, when I play as Dame Mildred servant in arms, an I have the SWORD.


Well, technically, there’s no reason you couldn’t also have a staff in addition to your sword.

It is probably supposed to read ‘sword’ though.


Another typo at the beggining:
“A chorus of agreements rose from the table],…”


I swear that I got Book of Mad Wispers. I even named this save for this book, but can’t see this option to consult it. Perhaps one can consult the book later in the game ? Also why Book of Mad Wispers is not in heroes inventory ?
Checked other mage saves, where I chose the book. On those book is also not in inventory. A bug ? On purpose ? I’m confused, and can’t enjoy the game. Please answer.


Are you sure that you’re playing the last version? 'Cause there was a bug in the past versions that didn’t let you to use the book


You will have to make another save in Hero of Kendrickstone. There was a big that didn’t allow you to carry the book or the magic sword, it has been fixed but you need a new save.


Shit. So about 4-8 saves are doomed. Apple Store don’t show me new version, so I play the newest


Couldn’t find the post about saves in Hallowford. Can I save my game at the end of sequel, or not?


I’ve been playing The Hero of Kendricstone Recently and I had a few quesions.

  1. Is it worth it to take the material rewards for Dame Mildred’s (the gauntlets) and William of Hallowford’s (the sling) quests?

I have taken the gauntlets and didn’t seem to notice any benefit from them. Also gauntlets by themselves wouldn’t provide much protection so, realistically, it would seem to be useless to wear them alone. For the sling, is there any difference between the sling that William would give you for completing the quest that would set it apart from the normal sling that you could buy for 50 coins early on in the game that would make giving up the 500 coins worth it?

  1. Speaking of the sling, does it use prowess or subterfuge?


If you rely on, or intend to rely on prowess the gauntlet can be worth it. Ultimately it depends on your character build and play style.

If you do it before you leave for summerci(first quest) you can purchase a sling for 50 silver. The highest price is 150 gold during 3rd quest. The william’s monetary reward is 5 gold, which equals 500 silver. Also the sling is only useful if you have some points in prowess.


Thanks! So there’s no functional difference between william’s fancy sling and the one for 50 silvers? Basically you’d have to be a chump to give up the 500 gold for that haha


Yes you can save your game at the end of the sequel. However I’d advise not making more than a handful or so save until part three is out.

Half the fun of the save system is doing specialized play through to unlock certain content in the newest title.

A large number of saves will be difficult to remember clearly however many months away the next title is.


Not that I’ve noticed. Also given the fact that the Crypt Keepers of Hallowford includes an ending in which you potentially earn 200 gold, and the game includes an economic knowledge lore skill, it’s safe to say that part three will have some major investment opportunities.


How do you get him to use the sling in chapter 6? Every time I try he either rushes in like an idiot or if I choose the “cunning plan” option he tries to slit a dudes throat and immediately blows it because he sucks at subterfuge


Unfortunately I won’t be able to effectively respond to this post for a while


First off the sling is not the cheapest option. Any build with 5 standard points in M,S,or E with 1 moral point can dispatch them with relative ease.

Step 1 have sufficient total prowess in this case 6 or 7.
Step 2 charge and defend the family with a range attack.
I can’t quite remember whether or not the knight survives when you only have 6. Either way the sling is only best if your bad at everything but prowess, in which case you might want to play around a bit to build a more versatile hero.


The best solution is to max out talky and magicky skills and then convince everyone to cooperate and scare away everyone you can’t with illusions. XD


Do you know what the requirements are to get the duke’s cape? After playing around for a bit I think you need to have solved most of the conflicts peacefully and have 5 eloquence, which is a real bummer, cause I was able to get all of the conflicts resolved peacefully (just barely) and I really wanted to end up with 6 prowess 2 will 4 subterfuge and 5 eloquence and I was real close, but didn’t get the cape so I finished at 6p 2w 4s 4e. I guess I’ll have to move the ring from Isaan over to eloquence, bumping the final to 5p 2w 4s 6e, which kind of blows, but whatever.

Also do you know what the requirements are for the boots you can get from William if you do his quest?