The Hero of Kendrickstone: Rescue a city held hostage by an evil wizard!


Have you taken a mentor yet? The Duke gifts his item to an adventurer without a master.


Ohhh that would be the requirement that I messed up. So he won’t give it to anyone with a mentor? That’s gonna mess with me haha I took to William after his quest to bump the subterfuge up to 4. Damn this will make me do some rethinking.

EDIT: I just checked this and you actually can get the cloak with a mentor, I think I was right and the requirement was 5 eloquence and resolving everything except the razorback nonviolently


You need either 5 Eloquence or to be masterless.

You need to keep the innkeeper, have more than 50 loyalty with him and support his plan at the Duke’s meeting.


Thanks, he’s really busting my chops with that masterless/eloquence combo that means that between either the cloak or the boots I can get pretty much every combination except the one where I have a prowess of 6, subterfuge of 4 and eloquence of 5 which is the one I’ve been aiming for. Damn you Cataaaaa!!!


No, not masterless+5 eloquence. Masterless OR 5 eloquence. I always get it with Mildred as a mentor.


Haha yeah I know, my bad for not being clear, but I just meant between having to be masterless or 5 eloquence it was making it impossible to construct the stat build I wanted.


If you want 6 in subterfuge and eloquence:

Go full eloquence at the beginning. You will have 5. Take William as a mentor, and do not choose the promotion when it comes up. Take the stealth ring from Isan. Go with the Duke’s plan.

If you want William’s ending, you can just swap the rings.

I’m not sure, but I think William doesn’t give you a bonus before the Razorclaw but he gives you one after Isan’s mission unlike the others.


It’s better to start masterless and then join William’s association. You will have a +1 stats compared to joining him at the start.


Anyone know if in Cryptkeepers there’s an opportunity cost for not having any weapons? Like if you have to buy the sling and the sword will you miss out on other things? Cause my bard has only his staff and that’s not gonna cut it for long


I am not a meta gamer so I don’t know about stats and that. However, Like my main is a weponless bard i could say without spoilers that you can win without fight and if you choose certain paths you get free weapons.


5 eloquence. I don’t think you need to do anything else but solving problems with eloquence can’t hurt.


If you use Prowess, you probably want to get better gear. Otherwise, doesn’t matter.