The Hero of Kendrickstone - BETA TEST


For millennia, humanity has lived in the shadow of the Flowering Court, a powerful empire ruled by strange magics. They claimed the forests and plains as their own, leaving stunted human kingdoms to develop along the hardscrabble coast.

Then, one day, they disappeared.

Two hundred years have passed since then, and humanity has flourished, driving deep inland into what had once been the rich lands of the Flowering Court’s vast realms. Over the crumbling ruins of their once-superiors, humanity has built outposts, fortresses, cities, creating new kingdoms and empires. It is a glorious time, where a man or woman who is brave enough, determined enough, or clever enough can become a figure of power and legend. Where fortunes are made and lives are lost in the wild hinterlands of frontier provinces and far-flung outposts.

It is the golden age of the adventurer, and there is no place better for an aspiring hero like you to make your name than in the shadow of the blood-red keep of the great city: Kendrickstone. Founded by one of the first adventurers, it is the gateway between civilisation and the wild frontier, and home to traders, mages, knights, and criminals. It is here, with little more than your wits, a few coins, and what scarce skills you have, that you will hone your abilities, assemble your equipment, and carve out the first words of your adventurer’s legacy.

Will you find a mentor, or stand alone? Will you fight with sword, staff, sling, or spell? Will you lay down the law, or walk free? Will you seek to help others, or only yourself?

Will you become the Hero of Kendrickstone, or will you die trying?

So yes, this is the project I’ve been working on alongside Guns of Infinity, for the past few weeks. The Hero of Kendrickstone, or “Low-rent adventurer quest” as I referred to it when it was still in outline form, is an official CoG project where you play an intrepid young man or woman taking their first steps as an adventurer. That involves managing your living expenses, skills, and your good name as a young hero-in-the-making as you spend a year living in the great city of Kendrickstone.

What I need are beta testers to help me make this game as good as it could possibly be in time for release. What I want are about a dozen highly-motivated people with time on their hands and the willingness to read through my work, and give me blunt and honest feedback on what they like and what they don’t like.

If you’re interested, simply reply here.


I would be interested in beta testing this.


I’d be interested in this. Your other work has had an enjoyable writing style, but I’ve not really enjoyed the military settings quite so much, so this seems like something I could easily be motivated to test.


Always interested in testing out your stuff. Sign me up.


Ooh, I’m in! (I hope)


I would like to beta test as well.


Same with me, I would love to beta test. I greatly enjoy your work.


I’m up for it, being following you since your first post here.


I want to beta test as well please!!! Oh and welcome to choice of games!


You know me @Cataphrak, I am always down to read what you come up with!


I’d be interested in beta testing this as well


I’d be very interested in beta testing you new game.


Sounds fun. I’d love to do it.


Sure I’ll help you have some of the greatest games here.


Im down for testing if you still need people for it.


I would really love to test this. The intro made me curious


I’d like to participate as a beta.


sign me up i would be realy intrested in this i have played several of your games and know this will be every bit as good as the others


Love to try it out. Count me in.


I would like to beta test this sounds interesting