The Great Tournament theory

After playing the Great Tournament games by @Jerieth I have noticed that the father of Malik Cuthvell, main antagonist of TGT 1 and 2, May actually be none other than Lord Gensa from his first title, Swamp Castle. I am am no game theory; but here we go. If you think about it, the canonical ending of Swamp Castle is the ending where you side with the King and Gensa escapes, never to be heard from again. So if you think about it, this perfectly sets up The Great Tournament: Rising from the shadows, Lord Gensa rises again as the sinister Lord Cuthvell. Do you also find it strange that Lord Cuthvell has no known first name, but his son does? Also, @Jerieth also heavily references Swamp Castle in his Great Tournament titles. What do you think? Let me know with a reply on this thread!

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