The great tournament team melee question

I have been playing the great tournament and I’m at the 300 day push to the tournament itself, but I’ve run into a bit of a struggle, I’m not sure how it is determined that I win the tournaments in the game, I win the first archery tournament consistently, it has some interaction but I’m not sure what decides the rest, the team melee at the start of the game gathering a team is a big for winning, I feel like I should need to do that again to win the tournament at day 250, but it doesn’t seem to come up, dose anyone know how this works?

First of all, Welcome!

It’s been long since I played it so I don’t remember anything but checking the code might help to understand a bit more:

Also, there are plenty of threads here on the game so your answer might be in there somewhere, though I wasn’t able to find it. Good luck :upside_down_face:

I’m not concerned with the grand tournament right now, I actually haven’t gotten there in any play through yet, I started playing the game yesterday and have gotten a bit cought trying to figure out how the tournaments In that 300 days before the great tournament works, do you know where I could see the source cord for that chapter? Where did you see that source code?

As for this I checked those tournaments and It seems your diplomacy and by more leadership effects whether you succeed or not. And of course, there is a big factor of luck since it is based on a dice roll. It works like this:

A diceroll is set to inbetween 1 and 20, then to that your diplomacy/leadership is added, depending on the situation. And say, if your total points after that sum is below 19, you fail.

If you go to
You can see the list of all the scenes.

Then if you change …/scenes/(THIS PART TO THE SCENE NAME).txt you will go to that scene’s code. (The part that says “startup” in the above link.)

Hope this helped.

It did alot, thank you, sense I haven’t seen any diplomacy checks other then trying to get the general to pet ben go in the war section (and you can still get him to go if you fail)
I haven’t put more then 1 piont into it at the start of the game I found agility effects arrows, which, I don’t get I’d think they use wisdom sense perception, but maybe that’s just the dnd experience specking,

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